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September was one of the most active months for our YC family this year. During this month we had several YC events, such as iPMC final, the announcement of the winners of the Young Project Manager of the Year Award, Global YC Workshop that was held in Russia, YC Stars and many other national and international webinars and events.
Here are the summaries of these projects!

International Project Management Championship 2021 final (iPMC)

The Project Management Championship is a 3 stage competition consisting of a qualification round, the national final and the international final. Its core objectives are to enhance student involvement in the field of project management, to raise the interest in professional project management at a national and international level, as well as to advance the dialogue, knowledge sharing and know-how between research and the business world. 

The IPMC International Final this year was organized by IPMA YC Serbia and it was held in an online format, on September 11th.

This year 12 countries competed in the iPMC final: Finland, Germany,  Iran, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia and Spain.

After an outstanding performance, Germany took first place, followed by Lithuania second and Iran third place!

Congratulations to the winners and all participants!


Young Project Manager of the Year 2021 (YPMY)

The Young Project Manager of the Year Award is an IPMA Individual Awards, which recognizes project managers under the age of 36 who have shown outstanding project management achievements, regardless of scale or the number of projects completed. 

In this edition, YPMY received several applications from all corners of the globe, where after carefully reviewing all applications, the judges selected the top 3 winners. We have the honour to recognize three outstanding young project managers from Iran and Italy.

YPMY 2021 Gold winner is Fereshte Mirhosseini (Iran) with the project Implementation of Quality Management System in Zahedan International Airport. 

The silver winner is Massimo Galletta (Italy) with the project Application for Young Project Manager of the Year with Neart na Gooithe Project.

 The bronze winner is Alireza AslanHosseini (Iran) with the project Operations Technical Service and Overhaul Of Parsian Gas Refinery.

Congratulations to our winners!


Global Young Crew Workshop 2021 (GYCW)

The Global Young Crew Workshop is a professional development and networking event for young specialists and students around the world. This year, the workshop took place in St. Petersburg, Russia.  

The event aims to connect cutting edge trainers in the field of project management with students and young professionals from all areas united in their passion for Project Management. Interactive workshops, compelling keynotes, and great networking events lay the foundation for a workshop experience you hardly can get elsewhere.

The theme of this year’s event was Project Management in the Era of Digital Transformation.

This year, the Global Young Crew Workshop took place from September 18th until September 20th, both on-site and online.


Young Crew Stars 2021

The YC Stars 2021 award ceremony took place this month and we are very happy to announce this year’s winners!

Germany (YPMY)

⭐ Iran (GeCCo)

⭐ Serbia (PMC)

⭐ Panama (PMC)

⭐ Austria (Outstanding Participation)

⭐ Spain (Outstanding Participation)

🥇 Austria (Creative Crew)

🥈 Czech Republic (Creative Crew)

🥉 Spain (Creative Crew)

Their contribution has been highlighted in 5 categories:

  • YPMY: the award went to the country represented by the Young Project Manager of the Year 2020. They have made it possible for that person to learn about the project and participate, ultimately becoming a winner.
  • GeCCo: the award went to the country with more members in the winning teams in GeCCo 2020/2021, having someone in 6 out of 7 different possibilities. They have put a lot of effort into promoting the competition and creating the conditions for only the best participants to compete.
  • PMC: the award went to the country that was represented by the winning team in the international finals of PMC 2020, including both the European Finals and the Latin American Finals. They have created the right conditions for their teams to compete and win.
  • Outstanding Participation: the award went to the countries that participated in the highest number of IPMA Young Crew international projects (4) during the past year, therefore demonstrating high levels of engagement with our global community.
  • Creative Crew: the award went to the most creative projects run by national Young Crews, after submission and assessment by a jury panel.

A special thank you to all Young Crews around the world that make our community stronger year after year!

Young Crew Assembly

The second YC Assembly of the year took place on October 10th and it was full of insights.
More than 20 participants representing 12 countries were able to meet each other, hear what has been going on inside our global community, and share their views on a few major topics: 

  • Marketing & Communication
  • Events & Products
  • Membership & Coaches.

In the end, there was the usual networking time where everyone got the opportunity to experience the great Young Crew vibe. We continue to push the idea of co-creating the future of Young Crew together, therefore we welcome all of you to join the next one and take part in the discussions!


For more information regarding YC activities, visit our website: https://www.become.pm/

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