IPMA International Project Management Association

IPMA Young Crew is looking for the project management team of the year!

The annual International Project Management Championship 2022 is well on its way, with 13 countries already on board; in all stages from registration to the qualification round, to national finals.

But are you wondering – what actually is the IPMC?
The IPMC or International Project Management Championship is a competition between teams of 3-4 students showing their knowledge and expertise in project management.

As a first step, the teams have to pass a qualification round consisting of 100 project management related questions to show their theoretical project management skillset. The highest-ranking teams in each country will then go on and participate in the national finals, where they will showcase their hands-on project management competency in a real-life case study. The winning team of each national final then gets to represent their country in the international PM championship. 2022 the national finalists get to travel to Berlin, Germany, on June 10-12, where this year’s IPMC final will take place. Due to the current situation, the international final may be held as a hybrid event, for all teams unable to travel to Germany in June.

The IPMC Project Team, Irina, Carina, Georgia and Michaela are happy to support you with any questions you might have and wish you already good luck and fun times participating in the 2022 edition of the IPMC.

Get more information on our website: https://www.become.pm/projectmanagementchampionships

The International Project Management Championship is sponsored by STS*
*STS Sauter Training & Simulation SA is a Swiss company dedicated to providing training in project management and developing innovative project management training tools. Since 1996, STS successfully deploys highly tailored training programs in numerous national and international companies of all industries and universities. Since the development of the project simulation SimulTrain®, STS has become one of the leading institutions in applied project management training.