IPMA International Project Management Association

IPMA Standards – Individual Competence Baseline for Coaches, Consultants and Trainers (ICB4CCT®) – regulations approved!

Good Project Managers do not necessarily make good Project Management Trainers, Coaches or Consultants. They are not only competent in their own domain, they need additional competences. Therefore, IPMA has developed a standard for Coaches, Consultants and Trainers, called the IPMA ICB4CCT®. This standard is now available!

The internal structure of the ICB4CCT® is the same as the structure of the ICB4. In addition to the competence elements from IPMA ICB4®, for the domains of consultancy, coaching and training IPMA ICB4CCT defines additional elements in the competence areas Perspective, People and Practice. Some elements are common for all three domains, some are specific per domain.

On 30th September, during the last day of the CoD meeting in Merida, the ICB4CCT regulations were approved. The certification is now available and widely used within our MAs. Some of the MAs have signed the agreement for using the CCT, other IPMA MAs are now during the process.
Today we have on board our first Member Associations, and they are: Canada, Croatia, Serbia and France.

For IPMA’s Delta certification Canada and Brasil are the first countries who signed the updated agreement.