IPMA International Project Management Association

IPMA Registration System for courses and programs renewed and re-branded

Over the past year, Profession Development Team was working on developing new and improving existing products for professional development of the individuals and MAs, such as: my.ipma, IPMA Project Excellence Baseline® (IPMA PEB®), IPMA Publications, IPMA Registered Education&Training System (IPMA REG) and IPMA Special Interest Groups (IPMA SIGs). During the 31st IPMA World Congress in Merida/Mexico, they were all presented and discussed at the PD panel and IPMA REG, firstly introduced in 2008 to register quality courses and programs covering IPMA competencies, has been launched in a renewed and re-branded premium edition:

On Sunday, September 29th 2019, IPMA REG workshop was organized for the MA representatives and led by the IPMA REG Project Manager dr. Vladimir Obradović. 

At the end of the workshop, there was a contract signing session held – for the representatives wanting to join, or transfer from the previous system. A total of 24 MAs are currently in the system11 MAs – Bolivia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia became new members, while three MAs – Croatia, Finland, the Netherlands and USA transferred, thus gaining the full right to find, choose and cooperate with the institutions providing the best educational and training courses and programs in their countries.

 We are welcoming new countries to our global registered family

You can find more about IPMA REG System HERE

For more details, contact our Profession Development Manager Dr Rebeka D. Vlahov Golomejić: rebeka.vlahov@ipma.world or responsible VP, Dr Mladen Vukomanović: mladen@ipma.world.