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IPMA Reference Guide ICB4 in an Agile World

The IPMA has just issued a new publication – IPMA Reference Guide ICB4 in an Agile World. It is now available to download in our shop HERE
The documents describe how the different competent elements need to be interpreted in an agile environment. Each element describes the agile mindset and how this is translated into observable competent behaviour.

As the authors claim:
“Because the world is rapidly transforming, a new breed of leader is required. Individuals that are competent of responding swiftly to technological innovation, changing social relations, new divisions of labour and new ways of working that are developed. The challenges we face are more complex than ever before organisations need to absorb and adapt to change quickly. The tried and tested application of best practices is therefore no longer the way forward and that a more agile approach is required. Not as a goal in itself, but as a means to an end. It is about focusing on what is valuable to customers.
The complexity and uncertainty also call for a different form of control. Responsibilities will now be found on lower levels within the organisation. The decision-makers increasingly entrust the responsibility to the experts and we see a shift from pure management to leadership at all levels of the organisation.”

The publication was prepared by the international team of editors: Dr. Sandra Bartsch-Beuerlein (Germany), Carlos Gouveira Reis (Portugal), John Hermarij (The Netherlands) – the leading editor, Sauli Kosonen (Finland), Hrvoje Meštrović (Croatia), Sandra Mišić (Croatia), Dietmar Prudix (Germany), Hansjürg Rhyner (Switzerland), Per-Olof G Sandberg (Sweden).

To read more please visit: http://products.ipma.world/ipma-product/ipma-reference-guide-icb4-agile-world/