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IPMA Kids workshops in Zagreb, Croatia

Today IPMA Kids project Team conducted the workshop Getting Green in one of the schools in Zagreb, Croatia.

It was the second time IPMA Kids, together with IPMA Croatia, organised the workshops in this country, and that is how IPMA Croatia gained a new tutor today!

 A group of 14 teens from The PESG College of Sport – an institution that provides secondary and secondary vocational education programmes for athletes who wish to pursue secondary and secondary vocational education while developing their careers – worked very hard on the project ideas on how to save the environment from pollution and neglect.

It was the 5th IPMA Kids workshop series this year, concluding a highly intensive time of IPMA Kids pilots in Europe and Africa

In 2022 the IPMA Kids Team conducted more than 20 workshops in Poland, Montenegro, Croatia and Morocco. 

Nearly 400 kids, teens and juniors received IPMA Kids diplomas worldwide only this year!

IPMA Kids Team wants to thank all IPMA Memebr Associations that hosted the IPMA Kids project this year: IPMA Poland, IPMA Croatia, Montenegrin Project Management Association – MPMA and IPMA Morroco.

Read more about IPMA Kids Programme: https://kids.ipma.world/