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IPMA Kids workshops in Morocco – Day 2!

Today we are in the London Academy in Casablanca, conducting the IPMA Kids workshops with IPMA Teens and IPMA Juniors.


The last two days have reassured us how important our efforts are. All the workshop participants demonstrated an extraordinary knowledge of project management, and the results of their work during the Paper Tower and Getting Green workshops – exceeded our expectations.

In two days, in two different cities, we delivered several workshops with all age groups of IPMA Kids, IPMA Teens and IPMA Juniors.
Overall we trained over 150 kids and gained 5 IPMA Kids Tutors.

We are delighted that London Academy perceives our project as a game-changer in education!

MPMA Moroccan Project Management Association is the first country in Africa to cooperate with us in the framework of IPMA Kids.

Stay tuned for more news from IPMA Kids Team!

Read more: https://kids.ipma.world/