IPMA International Project Management Association

IPMA Ecosystem Workshop in Dubrovnik – our pilot workshop gathered over 50 participants!


On Thursday, September 22nd, we warmly welcomed the participants to the 1st of the series of workshops dedicated to the IPMA Ecosystem.


IPMA Ecosystem is a product portfolio containing the entire list of products, services, brands, and sub-brands available to all Member Associations – to promote and offer to their potential customers in a single or multiple geographies. These products vary in their contribution to a Member Association operation and how they can profit from them.



During our workshop, we presented our jewels in the IPMA crown – IPMA 4LC, IPMA CCT, IPMA REG, IPMA SIG, IPMA Awards and IPMA Kids Programme.
Our fantastic audience vividly interacted with the speakers, participated in a networking game and tried the IPMA products by tasting them!
We prepared the IPMA Ecosystem smoothies based on our preferences and product knowledge.



That was just a beginning of a marvellous journey we want to invite you to participate. We will continue our IPMA Ecosystem workshops during the forthcoming IPMA events.

This fantastic event wouldn’t take place if not for our outstanding contributors.
We want to thank all of the international team members who worked amazingly hard to prepare the event (in order of appearance):
Mladen Vukomanović, Croatia (IPMA VP Professional Development and President of IPMA Croatia – our host)
Jose E. Reyes G., Panama (IPMA VP Marketing, Events, Awards)
Oxana Klimenko, Russia (IPMA VP Standards&Certification, presenting IPMA 4LC)
Silvia Drahosova, Slovakia (IPMA CCT Team Project Manager)
Rebeka D. Vlahov Golomejić, Croatia (IPMA Profession Development Manager, presenting IPMA REG and IPMA SIG)
Reinhard Wagner, Germany (IPMA Awards Project Co-Lead)
Joanna Rzempała, Poland (IPMA Kids Team Project Manager)
Miguel Carvalho e Melo, Portugal (IPMA Kids Team Member)

Special thanks go to Laura Lasaite, Lithuania and Iza Maciejak, Poland – for your ongoing and outstanding support!

We would also like to express our thanks for your trust and support of IPMA ExBo:
Joop Schefferlie (Netherlands) – IPMA President
Antonio Andrade
(Portugal) – Vice President for Administration and Finance
Ding Ronggui  (China) – Vice President for Research
Oxana Klimenko (Russia) – Vice President for Standards & Certification
Yvonne Schoper
(Germany) – Vice President for Membership & YC
Jose E. Reyes G.
(Panama) – Vice President for MarComm & Events & Awards
Mladen Vukomanovic (Croatia) – Vice President for Profession Development
Jesus Martinez Almela (Spain) – Chairman of the Council
Amin Saidoun (France) – Executive Director


author: Magdalena Gawlak