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IPMA Delta® celebration

On the occasion of the 32nd IPMA World Congress in St. Petersburg, we could celebrate new IPMA Delta® Certificates: Two from Russia and one from Sweden.

Rusatom Overseas JSC
In May 2021 Rusatom Overseas JSC successfully certified its project management system in compliance with the IPMA Delta® model. The company has proved compliance with class 4, the highest level of competence achieved worldwide in project, program, and portfolio management so far.
Over the past three years of intensive work on the development of the project management system (PMS), the company has managed to move to the next higher level. It is worth reminding that in 2018 PMS of Rusatom Overseas JSC was granted class 3 “Standardised” (certificate No.06/03/20180514). Today it is upgraded to the “Managed” сlass in accordance with IPMA Delta® terminology (certificate No. 09/04/20210517).
To reach a new level, the company has expanded its boundaries of project management. Project management methodology, tools, and best practices have been applied not only in the Company’s traditional pre-sale and contracting projects but also in unfolding internal projects, including the creation and development of new products for the nuclear industry and organizational development.
Following the recommendations of international assessors received in 2018, by the start of the second certification the Company’s process model, resource planning, quality control of project management processes, and lessons learned management have been developed and significantly improved. Program and portfolio management have been expanded. The connection between the Company’s strategy and the portfolio structure, as well as projects and programs as a way of business operations and implementation of necessary changes, has become more transparent.
Realizing the importance of having the right people for the success of projects, the company focused on training and personal certification of its employees in project management. The Company adopted the industry competence model and developed a unique tool – a career map for the project personnel development. The Company’s Project Management Information System has also been modified. Improved business processes have been reflected in automation.

Both for the first and the second time, the IPMA Delta® certification gave the company a new impetus to the development of project, programme, and portfolio management. The international assessors evaluated the Company’s updated PMS, provided a detailed report on the strengths and areas of further development, as well as the compliance of project approaches used in the organization with the best international practices.

As Rusatom Overseas JSC continues to move forward, we expect to make the Company’s PMS even more flexible and relevant to the business challenges we face. We are heading for continuous improvement and fine-tuning. We would like to warmly thank IPMA Delta® international assessors for their significant contribution to the development of the organization.

Photo: Certificates for RAOS and GSPI, Russia


Photo: certificate handover

Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB
SKB communicated early that the purpose of the IPMA Delta® certification shall be a starting point for improvement and development. SKB has got a good receipt of our abilities and areas for improvement. The results have calibrated our self-view and will help us in our forward work to succeed with our plans.
SKB has reported great satisfaction with the assessors, the assessment process, and the result.
The observation of the IPMA Delta® Manager and President of the CB is, after over 100 project reviews, that the vast majority of the CSFs are located in the project context.
IPMA Delta® is a global standard combining the three competence baselines: ICB, OCB, PEB.
The online IPMA Delta® Certification was successful due to the excellent cooperation of the people who managed the certification and the full participation and open and transparent culture in the customer’s organization.

Photo: Certificate for SKB, Sweden