IPMA International Project Management Association

IPMA Consultant, Coach and Trainer Certification “Best Practice SUMMIT” – we learned a lot from each other today!

The IPMA CCT Team met today with all those interested in our product.
During the first IPMA CCT Best Practice SUMMIT, we shared knowledge and best practices from introducing the product to consultants, coaches and trainers in local markets.
This exchange of experience is essential for everyone in IPMA CCT Team and IPMA Member Associations and Certification Bodies – because launching such a complex product in new markets is never easy.
We talked about implementation in local markets, product development and promotion and also listened to testimonials from IPMA CCT-certified managers.

Our meeting was attended by 23 representatives from 15 IPMA Member Associations and Certification Bodies.

IPMA CCT wants to thank all the MAs and CBs who were present and invite even more to another event we already want to plan for the following year.

Stay tuned for more news from IPMA CCT Team!

To learn more about IPMA CCT visit: https://cct.ipma.world/