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IPMA Best Practices – C4D Project for Morrocan Schools during Covid Quarantine

News from Moroccan Project Management Association (MPMA)

Since all schools are closed almost all over the globe there is a huge need to provide new educational standards. Including only online activities of course. In Morocco, there have been major problems to deliver digital courses through many schools – including public ones. Teachers were not prepared to use online tools. We, at Moroccan Project Management Association, decided to step in and help with the use of one of the IPMA Services – Coaching for Development.
IPMA Coaching for Development is a charity initiative of IPMA providing Project Management knowledge and experience to social development or humanitarian aid projects through Project Management Coaching.

We support projects focusing on selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
MPMA chose one primary school with 1400 kids with no e-learning platform as a pilot project to verify the concept, which is in progress and will be urgently deployed. They asked us for help and we eagerly went ahead with it. We structured the whole process as a C4D project with specific Agile approach. We used Google Classroom app and prepared teachers’ training programme. With the use of this method the MPMA board decided to launch this project for the entire Moroccan schooling community – both private & public. We want to help our teachers and students through this crisis situation. We are organising ourselves internally right now and will launch the whole process countrywide at the beginning of next week. This project is in the long term also a part of the strategy to introduce IPMA KIDS project onto Moroccan market in the near future.