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IPMA announced Project Excellence Awards Winners 2018!

During the IPMA Global Award Gala 2018 held in Helsinki, the winners of the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award were announced.

The IPMA Global Awards are prestigious awards, involving a large group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers acting as coordinators, trainers, assessors, team lead assessors and judges. The IPMA Global Awards comprise a thorough process in which groups of internationally renowned judges award prizes in different categories to organisations and/or project managers who have achieved outstanding project management results.

”We have gathered an amazing group of projects in the Project Excellence Awards and individuals in the Achievement Awards which are growing in popularity and provide great examples of what can be accomplished. The real benefit from taking part in the awards comes from sharing experiences and learning from others. One of the wonderful things about our profession is that our challenges change constantly – our projects are different and we need to apply our competences in many different ways.” – said Martin Sedlmayer, VP Products and Services IPMA.

IPMA Global Project Excellence Award 2018 Winners

“Organisations that apply for the Project Excellence Award invite an international team of qualified Project Excellence Assessors to assess their projects on the basis of the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline® (IPMA PEB). The Feedback Report that finalists receive contains the Assessment Team findings in terms of strengths and areas for improvement in all twenty criteria of the IPMA PEB as well as the evaluation of the judges” – commented Pau Lian Staal-Ong, IPMA Awards Coordinator. “The Feedback Report helps organisations further develop the excellence principles in their project management, improving the execution and delivery of their projects. IPMA also supports the celebration of outstanding project excellence results on a global platform by publishing Award winners’ project and organisation profiles through digital media, social media and during our international events held throughout the year” – added Pau Lian Staal-Ong.