IPMA International Project Management Association

The IPMA Academy Project

The project has started in April 2018, with the purpose to strengthen the IPMA E&T Ecosystem, by integrating and improving the E&T activities undertaken by IPMA.

Currently, the IPMA E&T Ecosystem is composed of the IPMA Registration System, the IPMA ICB Curricula and the training activities undertaken by different remits/groups of IPMA. By integrating these components under the IPMA Academy umbrella means that all IPMA E&T related activities will be organized and performed in a transparent manner, by complying with common regulations and guidelines and by being consistent with the IPMA standards. For a better coordination of the IPMA Academy activities, an efficient IT infrastructure will be designed and developed. In this way, the IPMA E&T Ecosystem will serve better the actual and future MAs, CBs, CoD, ExBo, IPMA chairs members, including task forces, process and project offices members and the suppliers of E&T services and goods.

The main work packages (WPs) of the IPMA Academy Project are:

  • WPs related to the IPMA Registration System
  • WPs related to the re-design of external IPMA courses/ training and development of new ones (Advanced Courses, Expert seminars, ToT, IPMA Product related training, etc.)
  • Integration and execution of IPMA internal Training, developing E&T Resources & Administration.

The IPMA Academy Project team is composed of Gholamreza Safakish, Vladimir Obradovic, Morten Fangel,  Ewa Zawadzka, Miguel Carvalho e Melo, Giuseppe Pugliese and Constanta Bodea.

In the first months of the IPMA Academy Project implementation, the project team members started the work and significant progress was achieved in developing the guidelines and regulations for the re-adjusted IPMA registration system, the guidelines and regulation for the Advanced Courses, expert seminars and, IPMA product-related training. The agreement between IPMA and member association for providing training services, with the price policy included and the contract for training services between IPMA and the trainer was submitted to ExBo for revision and approval.