IPMA International Project Management Association

IPMA 10th Research Conference – Day 2

237 registered participants from 32 countries had a chance today to discuss and exchange with the Keynote speakers of IPMA 10th Research Conference – Prof. Dr Gilbert Silvius on the practices of sustainable project management and Oliver Mäckel on the digitization of the project business, as well as the winning teams at the Hackathon for ideation and co-creation in the context of project society.
One of the most anticipated workshops was the meeting with the Editors of the leading PM journals, hosted by Prof. Dr Martina Huemann, Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Project Management and Project Leadership and Society, Prof. Dr Nathalie Drouin, Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, and Prof. Dr Louis Klein, Editor of Project Management Journal.

Check the detailed agenda: https://www.ipma.world/assets/Agenda-10th-IPMA-RC-2022.pdf

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