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IPMA 10th RC workshop: “How my curriculum drives my carrier and my business”

IPMA Certified Consultants Coaches and Trainers (IPMA CCT) product was presented in the framework of the workshop “How my curriculum drives my career and my business” at the 10th IPMA Research Conference in Belgrade, Serbia, on June 21.

The hosts – Prof. Dr Silvia Drahosova and Prof. Dr Vladimir Obradovic discussed the importance of coaching and mentoring programs and the recognition of one’s achievements by their peers.
Prof. Dr Radmila Miković, International Development Management Consultant, Certified Executive Trainer, Consultant and Coach (IPMA Level A – CET & CECC) shared her experience with the application procedure, a dedicated effort in collecting the proof of professional expertise, and assessment process on her journey to completing the CCT certification.

The attendees mentioned the bilingual certification process (in English and a local language), unified terminology, and the validation of their expertise by independent professionals among the essential aspects of IPMA CCT. At the end of the workshop, the attendees were encouraged to challenge themselves and to try the assessment.