IPMA International Project Management Association

Invitation to 6th IPMA SENET Project Management Conference

We want to invite you to the international conference SENET 2020, organized by the Association of Project Management IPMA Slovakia and SENET Association.
The conference will take place on May 18th – 19th, 2020, at the venue of the X-bionic sphere in Šamorín, Slovakia.

Conference topics
● Competences for individuals within the teams of tomorrow
● The human side of project management
● Digitalization and impact on the team cooperation in the project environment
● From Artificial intelligence to Emotional intelligence, which of them is a game-changer?
● Work 4.0: What is the role of the human within an Industry 4.0 environment
● Products and Services for PM Profession Support
● Project Management in Practice

Reasons to attend the conference
● Professional insight into the current trends in teams management. The presenters are professionals from Slovak or international companies
● Cross-regional and multinational networking opportunity with up to 200 attendees in 2 days from over 15 countries worldwide and within a different range of industries – eg. IT, Telco, Construction, Research, Insurance, Bank, Public sector, Education etc.
● Sharing knowledge and experience from C-level executives, middle managers and other project team members
● Inspiration from Young crew activities and success stories
● You will acquire insights for self-development and development of teams
● You will acquire insights for the creation of a competency model within an organization
● Get acknowledged on the current and future trends in the PM profession
● Academic insights and papers presentations are welcome
● Learn about the IPMA products and services that support competencies recognition and development (e.g. IPMA 4LC certification, Agile leadership, Training, and Education registration, Consultants and Trainers Certification, Delta – certification of organisations)
● Collect information on workshops, round tables, panels
● Planning joint projects and activities

Information about the conference, ticket prices can be found on the website https://senet2020.org/
Sponsorship packages possibilities to be sent on request.
Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US for more information.

SENET 2020 Project team
Radka Kopčová, Event Manager of SENET 2020
Marek Demčák, Project Manager of SENET 2020