IPMA International Project Management Association

International Project Management Association (IPMA) and Van Haren Publishing (VHP) signed a cooperation agreement on 23rd September 2022

by Mladen Vukomanovic and Amin Saidoun

IPMA and Van Haren Publishing VHP  signed a cooperation agreement for publishing education and training material worldwide.

The manuscripts published consist in particular of a glossary of terms and textbooks on project management based on the Individual Competence Baseline, which is the standard of IPMA. Among the publications to be mentioned are also examination preparation handbooks for the IPMA level D and C certification exams. The handbooks will be made available for the many stakeholders of the project management profession. Finally, course material for both trainers and candidates to examinations will be made available not only in English but in many other languages from around the world.

On this occasion, Dr Mladen Vukomanović (IPMA Vice President) said: ‘With this cooperation, IPMA will significantly increase its offering and value for its members and verify its open approach to knowledge. Thus each member of IPMA will have free access to +350 publications on Project Management. A special IPMA training pack will also be provided to the IPMA registered training providers and students and trainees”.

Amin Saidoun (IPMA-Executive Director) added: “The cooperation with Van Haren Publishing will further improve the candidates’ preparation to the certification examinations with material published in many languages. This will also to satisfy the needs of professionals and academics around the world, addressing the project economy and the project society at large.

Ivo van Haren underlined: “VHP is proud and honoured to work with such a respected worldwide known organization for project management. We will support the knowledge dissemination world wide, thus helping to develop the project profession”.