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International Journal of Project Management (IJPM) – Let us celebrate its success!

International Journal of Project Management (IJPM) has a long tradition and is published in a collaboration between Elsevier, APM and IPMA. Let us celebrate its success!
One of the most important metrics for an academic journal is how often papers are cited in other journals. Over the last few years, the appreciation and impact factor of IJPM has gradually increased.
With a two-year impact factor of 6.620 (2019), IJPM ranges among the top journals. It is not only the leading journal in Project Management but also #12 out of 226 journals listed in the category Management. With a cite score of 13.0 (2019), IJPM ranks #6 of 394 journals in the category Business and International Management and #4 of 231 papers in the category Management and Technology.

The success of this journal is only possible with your high-quality papers and your appreciation of the journal.  We would like to thank all editors, guest editors, authors and reviewers for all their contributions to developing IJPM to its current state. Their efforts have been central to establishing IJPM as a highly ranked publication outlet. A big thank you also goes to our readers.

We are looking forward to receiving your excellent papers!
Martina Huemann, IJPM Editor-in-Chief