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Instead of pma focus 2020

For the first time, Austria’s largest project management congress took place virtually – of course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants were able to follow the four-hour program of keynote speeches, humorous interludes, talks and workshops from home or the office. The main topic of the online congress was the COVID-19 crisis, its effects on everyone’s work lives and on the project management industry in particular.

Economist Katharina Mader/ Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration opened the program with a keynote about alternative economic systems and their role in finding a solution for the ongoing economic crisis.

Agency founder and managing director Heimo Hammer (kraftwerk) provided the guests with valuable insights and lessons learned from his numerous customers: Among other things, he explained how companies make the right decisions in times of crisis. As part of his interactive presentation, he used concrete examples to show how modern project management methods and organizational principles can contribute to successful transformation.

A project that was brought to life by the COVID19 pandemic was the Corona Dashboard of the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection. The speakers gave information on the background of the project, the stakeholders involved and the path a COVID 19 test takes before it is statistically recorded as a case number. They also talked about technical challenges and why Open Data is so important nowadays.

In the final speech, a pilot project was presented that enables large events despite COVID-19 pandemic restrictions: 2.000 students of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration were tested on their first day of the university via rapid tests in several test lanes.

In the workshops of the two sponsors ‘next level consulting’ and ‘adesso Austria’ all guests were able to interact with each other and take home valuable tips on for the successful work with virtual teams.

In the end, cabaret artist and voice imitator Alex Kristan closed the online congress with a funny short play. He parodied famous Austrian soccer players and trainers and talked about their adventures in project management.

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