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Global PM Days – 2 days to go!


This weekend it’s time to share and connect with experts around the world!
The time has come! Finally, this weekend we will share with you the 2nd edition of Global PM Days!
One of the most important events of the Young Crew community will take place on May 30- 31 where 18 world-class experts from 11 countries will share their experience and knowledge from real-life projects. In these 2 days of professional webinars we are going to talk about the importance of managing conflicts and crisis, and how this helps project managers achieve project objectives and improve their skills.

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On Saturday, May 30 we are going to talk about

  • Heeelp! How to deal with an external crisis influencing your project?

by Grzegorz Szalajko, Poland

  • Cutting through the Method Monsters During Covid-19

by Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton, UK

  • Crisis Management as a profession: How companies prepare for adverse scenarios and emergencies

by Benedict Gross, Germany

  • Why are we locked in conflicts and crisis caused by cross-cultural differences?

by Eva Gaborikova, Slovakia

  • The courage towards project crisis

by Roland Gareis, Austria

  • Courage & Crisis: First defining, then resolving the project crisis

by Stephen Carver, UK

  • Learning from a global crisis: shifting from efficiency to resilience?

by Stijn Pieters, Belgium

  • Recognizing and dealing with sustainability conflicts in your projects

by Peter Milsom, Canada

On Sunday, May 31: you will have the opportunity to hear the next speeches:

  • Influencing secrets of crisis negotiators

by Pete Morgan, Hong Kong

  • The art of making people happy. Or maybe not?

by Eleni Tsechelidou, Greece

  • Making the World a Better Place through Project Management

by Silvia Drahošová, Slovakia

  • Be brave enough for a conflict

by Deanna Landers, USA

  • Crisis Project Management: Water Resilience Programme

by Barend Daniel (Ben) Peters and Mark Cawood, South Africa

  • Stay Clear of Negative Stress in Project Management

by Susanne Madsen, UK

And attend the Discussion Panel with Kamil Mroz (Belgium), Elizabeth Harrin (UK), and Ruth Pearce (USA) as panellists and Vladimir Polkovnikov (Russia) as its facilitator.

You are invited to participate in Global PM Days where you can acquire new knowledge, improve your skills and broaden your horizons.  Save the dates!
More info about the conference program find here: https://bit.ly/PMDays_program

Info about tickets and registration find here: https://bit.ly/PMDays_registration

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