IPMA International Project Management Association

For a stronger Young Crew community, together

The IPMA community is growing and through an aligned process more and more member associations support the IPMA Young Crew as a contributor to sustainable development. The IPMA Young Crew Management Board is facing, therefore, an increased demand to support the national Young Crews. Here is where the membership team comes into play. It aims at bringing more speed to initiatives that were constraint by limited resources in the past and increasing the satisfaction of the national Young Crews and their communities, through better service.

The newly established membership team consists of experienced YC members: José M. Mora Marich (YC Spain), Lucia Nievergelt (YC Switzerland), and Tiago Ramalho (YC Portugal).

José is a PM with experience in social-based and agro-industry projects. Currently, he is working as an international trade coordinator and certifications manager, providing agro-sustainability solutions to clients who love bananas and are looking for good agricultural practices towards the community and environment involved. He represents Young Crew Spain, but now he is based in Ecuador. As a member of IPMA Young Crew, Jose is seeking to exchange and strengthen his knowledge in PM skills and giving opportunities to empower future local young project managers.


Lu is a project management enthusiast. She works as a consultant and project manager for better and more sustainable construction projects. She is currently excited about the use of agile methods in the construction industry. Lu represents the Young Crew in Switzerland and is a board member of the Swiss Management Association. In the Membership Team Lu works to make the Young Crew family even bigger, stronger and more colourful.


Tiago is a Project Manager with experience in training and consultancy across various industries and a background in Economics and Management. Passionate about project management, he now works for Deloitte as a PMO in a major digital transformation program. Also, the current President of IPMA Young Crew Portugal, he is seeking to help shape the Portuguese project management community alongside his team while learning with them every day.


Under the lead of Katia Sarachuk, the Head of the Membership remit, the membership team is responsible, among others, for onboarding process of new YCs, YCs maturity level assessment, knowledge sharing support, reward management, conceptualization and implementation of new initiatives of the membership remit.