IPMA International Project Management Association

First edition of Young Crew Stars announces its winners!

In these troubled and awkward times, we need to encourage and empower our Young Crews to continue to do what they know best, ‘Producing a good change in society by inspiring people with their projects’.

As so, we proudly produced the first edition of Young Crew Stars – the winner of YC Innovation Challenge 2020. A recognition of the great work each national Young Crew puts together yearly helps us move forward and positively impact the project management community all over the world.

With four categories (Creative Young Crew, GeCCo Stars, iPMC Stars and Active Young Crew) we wanted to salute the best practices that our members are applying.

The winners were:

  • Creative Young Crew: Young Crew Poland;
  • GeCCo Stars: Young Crew Iran, the country with most GeCCo winners in the last edition;
  • iPMC Stars: the winners are Panama and Lithuania;
  • Active Young Crew: we wanted to celebrate and congratulate each Active Young Crew, full or transitional members, and this star was awarded to each Young Crew.

It was an astounding feeling to see Young Crew grow like this and we as a team are looking forward to the next year and next Stars. Never forget that recognition is one of the keys for a better future!