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Finalists in the category IT/ telecommunications, Small-/ Medium-Sized Awards selected!

IPMA announces the results of the IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards Small- /Medium- Sized, category: IT / Telecommunications. This category is dedicated to information and computer technology projects that involve the project management to the development and/or application of software and related IT infrastructure.

The judges decided to nominate two applications to the finalist’s level:

Project: Power of Choice- Market Systems Upgrade, TasNetworks, Australia

The power of choice program is a national reform driven by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC).  This program represents substantial change to how the energy industry works in Australia – and has fundamentally changed the way TasNetworks interacts with market participants. This program impacted the roles responsibilities and compliance obligations. Changes were required to IT systems, people and process under a tight timeframe that had to be applied nationally by the 1st December 2017.  TasNetworks successfully implemented the Market Systems Upgrade project in December 2017, and TasNetworks market systems processes and metering services were ruled compliant within the mandated timeframes.

Project: MyService, Australian Government: Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Australia

MyService is a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) project in partnership with Department of Human Services (DHS). MyService is a new way of assisting veterans’ access eligible services and programs to help them lead healthy and productive lives. It’s a simple, intuitive and innovative digital solution designed to improve the veteran experience, empowering veterans, helping them get the assistance they need with less stress. MyService is building greater trust and confidence between DVA and its clients and an example of how DVA can deliver a modern responsive claiming process meeting the needs of veterans and their families, government and staff.

The final ranking of the finalists will be announced at the IPMA Global Awards Gala in Merida on 30 September, which accompanies 31st IPMA World Congress.

The IPMA PE Awards Small-/ Medium Sizedprojects recognises teams that display and can prove great achievements in project and programme management. Applicants compete within the Small-/ Medium Sized project category and are judged individually by a qualified international Judges based on an Application Report. After the competition, Applicants receive a Feedback Report from the Judges describing the strengths and areas for improvement on the selected Project Excellence Model criteria.