IPMA International Project Management Association

Call for Participants for IPMA HACKDAYS – during the 32nd IPMA World Congress, September 21-23rd, 2021

The topics: related to the Congress main subject « Project Management in the Digital Transformation Era»

  • Are our PM tools still fit for purpose? Do we require something new?
  • Soft skills of project managers: motivation, competences, and personalities
  • Digitalization strategy for project management: How does it look like?
  • Robot Process Automation (RPA) applied to projects – ideas, concepts, and prototypes
  • Combining virtual and face-to-face teamwork for agile projects in the COVID/ post-COVID era

Take a unique chance to learn with peers, network globally, and have fun! You can spend with us just as little as 1 one, and as much as 40 – it is up to you!

A unique opportunity to:

  • learn with peers
  • network globally
  • have fun day and night
  • spend just as little as 1 hour, as much as 40 hours, your choice!
  • enjoy 2 days continuously (respecting participants from different time zones)
  • get over 50 countries participating as in the past

Your accolades:

  • receive awards
  • publish papers /white papers
  • be part of a podcast celebrity
  • get an IPMA badge
  • gain visibility

The Concept: What is IPMA Hackdays?
Would you like to make an impact in the world of projects and create a product with a real business application? Is your mind so full of ideas that sometimes you cannot even sleep at night? Do you get excited when you need to deliver against a deadline? Do you believe that teamwork makes the dream work? Then this is for you.
This year in 100% online format during the 32nd IPMA WC in St. Petersburg Russia.

A hackathon is an event of short duration where teams collaborate and work around the clock to find a solution to a problem. The beauty and power of it do not end with designing a solution however – you will benefit from all the networking and learning that will happen in between. Also, there will be prizes – not just the knowledge experience of seeing your solution being assessed by a group of international judges and business leaders but also the shine and glory of being recognized as a hackathon master and perhaps even having your solution being implemented afterward. This could only get better if you would be offered the possibility of presenting your solution to the world by contributing to a collective book, right? Guess what, you will.

Join us and register on IPMA Hackdays at hackdays@ipma.world