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Call for Contribution! Book Series: Researching Challenges in the World of Projects

ZPM, the Slovenian Project Management Association is proud to announce the launch of the Book Series: Researching Challenges in the World of Projects, as an opportunity offered to the researchers to publish their latest research results in the field of PM.
The book series includes monographs (books) published once a year.
The first book is entitled: Project Management: Adapting to Future Needs.
We kindly invite you to contribute to this book.
The open call for contribution is attached HERE

Project management today is different in many ways from what it was ten years ago. New methods and tools have been developed, the number of projects and project stakeholders, as well as the number of members in project teams, has increased, the professionalism in project management has generally increased and last but not least, projects have become extremely complex.
In parallel, artificial intelligence, automation, information and communication technology, human resource management and many other fields continue to evolve, while at the same time awareness of the importance of sustainability and the environment is growing, all of which will continue to have a major impact on project management. At the same time, new generations of young people are entering the labour market, whose needs and expectations of work, and therefore their role in projects, are completely different.
So the environment of projects, the available technologies, the people and the problems we solve with projects are changing with great dynamics. The challenges in the field of project management and related areas are therefore numerous and solving them requires a high degree of coordinated action between researchers and practitioners.

Book Title: Project Management: Adapting to Future Needs
We welcome contributions to book chapters that focus (but not exclusively) on the following

  • Self-organization in and through projects
  • Artificial Intelligence & Automation in Project Management
  • Hybrid project management approaches that combine approaches from the traditional
    PM environment and the agile word
  • Awareness of emotional intelligence or the management of people in the project
  • Data analysis, reporting and data presentation in project management
  • Advanced project management tools and solutions
  • Remote working and project management
  • Organizational integration and collaboration
  • Open Source Projects
  • Change management
  • Risk Management
  • Megaprojects
  • Project management in a multicultural environment

Book Editors:
– Dr Brigita Gajšek, Associate Professor Slovenia, University of Maribor, Faculty of Logistics
– Dr Igor Vrečko, Associate Professor Slovenia, University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and
– International Editor will be added

Book Publisher:
The established international publisher will be selected by the end of February 2022