IPMA International Project Management Association

“Agile (Project) Management
NOT a contradiction” – IPMA’s Paper on the Need for Agile

For those people who have questions about (corporate) Agile, or about project management in an agile world, this publication will provide some useful insights.

Agile and project management, it seems a difficult relationship. Some claim that when you work in an agile way, you don’t need project management. Some say agile is just a hype that will blow over. Peter Coesmans (IPMA and Agile Business Consortium), Barbara Roberts (Agile Business Consortium) and Michael Young (AIPM) have taken the opportunity to cooperate and write an extensive paper on this subject.
Based on solid understanding and experience, they have stipulated why and when

  • you have a need for project management,
  • you have a need for the agile way of working,
  • you need both and
  • you need either

Our world is a world of cooperation and collaboration, to bring about a world in which all, or at least more, projects are more successful. Only if we learn and understand what everyone has to offer, will we able to harness the power of both ways of thinking and help to improve – if not all, then at least some projects.

The IPMA paper on agile – Agile (Project) Manage NOT a contradiction – is now available to download HERE