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Agile Leadership – agileX! An open IPMA Registered Course – now free and totally online!

A brand new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Agile Leadership, in English, which prepares to take the IPMA Agile Leadership exam for Level D Certification is now free and totally online!

The course about Agile Leadership presents how an agile leader can act in an environment that is constantly changing. This course describes how the competence elements from IPMA ICB version 4.0 can be interpreted in an agile environment. Participation is free of costs and the course is totally online.

Learning objectives
After this course, participants will understand how a true agile leader can not only behave in an agile way but also inspire others to adopt an agile mindset, in the three areas of competence – Practice, People, Perspective. Participants will understand how an agile leader must consider factors such as the stakeholders’ participation, financial aspects, and resolving impediments with other agile leaders.
After this course, participants will also be prepared to take the IPMA Agile Leadership exam for Level D certification.


Target audience
This course is designed for:

  • Scrum Masters and Product Owners working within a team, as well as having to perform an agile leadership role;
  • Traditional project managers that are shifting towards a more agile approach;
  • Managers who want to understand how agility will affect organizations and their environments.

Registrations are open and the course will start on the 7th of May. Register HERE.

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