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A glance over 14th International Project Management Conference

Tehran, the capital city of Iran, with more than 5000 years of heritage, hosted this year’s 14th International Project Management Conference. The event took place between 24th and 25th of February in Razi Conference Center.The event was organized by Aryana Industrial and Research Group, in close collaboration with IranPMA – a member association of the IPMA. The main theme of the event was focused on “Organizational challenges and required regulations and governance in the field of project management”.

The event included variety of programs such as: two expert roundtables, 16 speeches, 25 workshops and panel discussions, 9 lectures on presenting outstanding experiences and 16 research papers – all supported by over 1100 professionals from the project management community. In addition, a diverse range of sponsors (medium and small businesses, education & training providers) presented their services.

The main highlights addressed in the conference were:

  • Root Cause of unfinished national construction projects
  • The assessed level of project quality in different sectors of industry
  • Unfinished projects; challenges and opportunities
  • Cost overruns

The new streams and discussions were:

  1. Cancer treatment community and a pharmaceutical company (Roche) discussed during the (at a round table) – how project management could step into “Cancer treatment programs” and how potential sponsors (e.g.: Roche) get convinced to invest in sustainable humanitarian projects (read more in our blogpost HERE)
  2. “Women in Project Management” – new topic initiated and well received by the large audience. It was also promised to proceed with their activities as an established community. Lecturers from the governmental sector, private EPC contractor as well as academic area brought their findings and experiences here.
  3. The team of IranPMA Young Crew had promoted a lot of activities and advertised the upcoming event such as GeCCo, IPMC, Young Project Manager of the Year competition and many of their gathering and social events.


The event was also supported by the Global IPMA, having following lecturers with their presentations:

  • Mr Gholamreza Safakish, VP of Young Crew
  • Mr Martin Sedlmayer, VP of Product & Services
  • Ms Yvonne Schoper, University of University of HTW Berlin
  • Mr Joop Schefferlie, VP Certification (undertook by M. Sedlmayer)


Gholamreza Safakish
IPMA VP of Young Crew