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A day with IPMA Italy Young Crew

The recognition of students’ competences, through the introductory certificate in project management, Milan – May 28, 2019

On 28 May 2019, Politecnico di Milano University hosted an event for master students who achieved the “Introductory Certificate in Project Management”, issued by IPMA Italy.
The event took place at the end of the introductory course in project management (organised by IPMA Italy with Politecnico di Milano) attended by more than 200 students – enrolled in Mechanical Engineering and Management Engineering master degree courses. Many years ago IPMA Italy established a strong mutual collaboration with different Italian universities to introduce and develop the introductory project management program and facilitates knowledge to students. To get the recognition one should attend the course and pass the exam – to be able to apply for IPMA Italy introductory certificate. The exam is based on the IPMA ICB4 standard (Individual Competence Baseline), with a particular focus to competence elements described in the “practice” part.


The ceremony was chaired by Max Panaro, President of IPMA Italy, Gholamreza Safakish, IPMA Vice President of Young Crew and Paolo Trucco, Professor of Politecnico di Milano.

Paolo Trucco made a welcome speech introducing the event. Then, Max Panaro addressed future trends in project management and reported numbers demonstrating how project management jobs will significantly increase in the near future. He added, competences are needed to manage every kind of project and will represent a key factor in future trends. Selecting Project Management as your everyday job, skills are required in different professions across many industries.

Gholamreza Safakish, Vice President of IPMA Young Crew, made a presentation on “Cultural intelligence when working in international environments”. Explaining how they are getting more and more relevant not only for individuals but also inside the organisations. Cultural differences can influence project management efficiency, effectiveness and HR behaviour. As the soft skill silo of any project manager, listening skill, understanding values, traditions, culture and sub-cultures are important as projects are getting more out of borders.
The event concluded with the ceremony of handing over Introductory Certificates to all students who successfully passed the exam. In addition, winners of Italy national PMC students for 2019 were among participants.

Another event arranged by Milano Bicocca University. Mr Gholamreza Safakish, in a program organized by “Accenture Career Management Skills Program”, represented IPMA. The event arranged for master students of Economic and Science of Bicocca University. At the beginning Mr Fausto Torri, Managing Director Energy at Accenture and Member of IPMA Italy Board Committee made a presentation focusing on project management issues and relating them to the company provided services in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, operations and security. After Accenture presentation, Kami Safakish followed with a speech to introduce IPMA, its values, standards, products & services with a deeper discussion on YC activities. IPMA Italy welcomes all young professionals to be members of IPMA YC activities such as Global Young Crew Workshop, Project Management Championship, Selection of Young Project Manager of the Year, GeCCo and many more at international level.

Let’s keep moving competences forward for the new leaders of tomorrow!

Written by:
Irina Bolognesi, Young Crew leader of IPMA Italy




Kami Safakish, IPMA VP of Young Crew