IPMA International Project Management Association

A Cup of Movie!

September Gathering of WIPMI (Women in Project Management Iran) was an exciting session for WIPMI members. Gathered to watch together a brilliant movie – “The Intern”, and discuss single points of view, which two of WIPMI distinguished members – Elaheh Azizi and Samira Najarzadeh facilitated.

The following topics pointed out in the film were discussed:

  • Women & Management
  • Mentoring and reverse mentoring
  • Work / Life balance
  • Employee empowerment
  • Influence of startups on entrepreneurs’ life

After watching the movie, Elaheh and Samira pointed out the key features of a mentor – as seen in the movie, including communication skills, being protective, patience and embracing personal and professional challenges, while reviewing women’s management style i.e. queen bee characteristics, solidarity and empathy and transformational leadership styles.

Afterward, participants expressed their point of view as well as their own experiences as working women/men especially in top managerial position and talked about the challenges they have faced.  The discussion then turned to the age range of the Iranian workforce and the opportunities ahead.

The meeting ended with a networking session where participants had the chance to get to know each other personally and to rebound.