IPMA International Project Management Association

IPMA Kids Programme is on – the great success of new pilots in Montenegro!

IPMA Kids/IPMA Teens/IPMA Junior workshops took place in Montenegro on June 1st and June 2nd. MPMA (IPMA Montenegro) co-organised these excellent pilots, with three workshops for each age group.
IPMA KIDS 1st pilot workshop was organised in the International School of Podgorica – United Kids International Montenegro. We met in the English Access Microscholarship Program during the second day of the pilots. It is a two-year program of English language learning for talented students, financially supported by the U.S. Department of State through the U.S. Embassy in Podgorica and implemented by the English Language Teachers’ Association of Montenegro ELTAM.

The third IPMA KIDS workshop for Juniors, “Getting Green,” was implemented on June 2nd 2022, in Pljevlja. Our host was Access Pljevlja.
The whole pilot project and all the workshops of the IPMA Kids programme were prepared by a fantastic team of volunteers preparing the content for the last two years.

The leader, an inventor of the IPMA Kids programme and IPMA Kids Project Manager – dr Joanna Rzempała (Vice President IPMA Poland), says: “It was an enormous pleasure to lead the pilots with those amazing kids and teenagers in Montenegro. We could observe how this well–designed product is developing in real and how the kids are benefiting from our programme. I want to thank MPMA (IPMA Montenegro) for co-organising this event. I am amazed by the outcomes of my team’s efforts! Thank you, IPMA Kids Team!”.

The project sponsor, IPMA VP Standards and Certification – Oxana Klimenko, says: “This is a good start for IPMA to engage the younger generation into project management. I love the idea of implementing our values and competencies among teenagers and kids. It is a great benefit for them and their schools. But it is also an opportunity to develop different CSR programmes and activities of big business companies. After the pilot phase, all IPMA Member Associations will have the opportunity to share and develop this ready-to-use product – by the end of the year 2022.”

Read more about the IPMA Kids Programme: https://kids.ipma.world/