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6th IPMA Research Conference in Rio de Janeiro, September 2018 – announcement of the IPMA Research Awards 2018

The IPMA Research Award honors established project management researchers for a particular research project accomplished. It is dedicated for researchers where cutting edge research is achieved.
The Award honors young researchers, for research which led to a PhD or other early career research projects. The IPMA Young Researcher Awards are awarded for candidates born in 1982 or later. The IPMA Research Achievement Award is only per nomination of a jury by IPMA and honors an exceptional project management researcher for his/ her achievements in research and for the contributions to the project management practice.

Announcement of the IPMA Research Awards 2018

IPMA Young Researcher Award Winner 2018: Taryn Jane Bond-Barnard from South Africa
Taryn Jane was awarded the IPMA Young Researcher Award 2018 for her research “Project communication, trust, collaboration and success: A structural equation model and the influence of computer mediated communication”.
Taryn Jane defended her PhD in project management at the University of Pretoria. She is a senior lecturer at the university of Pretoria teaching 2 certification courses in PM and contract and procurement management.

IPMA Researcher Award 2018: Professor Timo Braun and Prof. Jörg Sydow from FU Berlin, Germany
Building inter-firm networks within and across projects”
Timo Braun is Junior Professor for Project Management at the Freie Universität Berlin in Germany. After finishing his Ph.D., which was honored by IPMA Germany with the best doctoral thesis award in 2013, he worked as strategic assistant for an executive board member of a large pharmaceutical company, before he rejoined academia. His current research interests are interorganizational projects and underlying project networks as well as their organizational and behavioural foundations. Moreover, some of his research is related to the projectification of the start-up scene in Berlin. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Project Management (IJPM) and his research is published in the IJPM, the Project Management Journal, the British Journal of Management, International Journal of HRM, the Scandinavian Journal of Management, as well as in various book chapters and practitioner magazines.

Dr. Jörg Sydow is a Professor of Management at the School of Business & Economics at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, and the director of the Research Unit “Organized Creativity”, sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG). He is co-editor of two special issues in Organization Studies (2004 and 2016) on project-based organizing and has published widely on the topic of project networks since 1999. Moreover, he is a founding co-editor of two leading German journals, Managementforschung and Industrielle Beziehungen – The German Journal of Industrial Relations, and a member of the editorial boards of Organization Studies, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, and The Scandinavian Journal of Management.

 IPMA Research Achievement Award 2018: Derek Walker
Dr. Derek Walker is emeritus professor in a continuing sessional position. He is currently teaching into several post graduate courses and supervising a PhD student. Derek is also completing a book as co-editor with Professor Steve Rowlinson from Hong Kong University. The book ‘The Routledge Handbook of Integrated Project delivery’ is a 31. chapter book co-authored with a range of world experts on aspects of integrated project delivery. He mainly collaborates with colleagues from Scandinavia, UK and other Universities in Australia. He has been an active researcher having won grants of around $ 450,000 over the past decade, written and co-written over 40 book chapters, 10 books and over 100 refereed journal papers. He has supervised 28 doctoral candidates to successful completion. His fields of interest include: strategic project management collaboration: organisational learning; innovation diffusion; and project governance. He was founding editor of the International Journal of Managing Projects in Business and editor for its first decade. He is also an editorial board member of several other project management related journals. He came to academia after 16 years working on construction projects in the UK, Canada and Australia. He has been at RMIT in Melbourne since 1988 in various roles as teacher, researcher, head of department and mentor to others.