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2nd IPMA Best Practice Week wrap up

 2nd IPMA Best Practice Week – an amazing event dedicated to INDIVIDUAL, TEAM, ORGANISATIONAL and SOCIETAL RESILIENCE ended yesterday!

  • We offered 4 days, 4 streams with 72 amazing speakers from 29 countries (Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, USA, Peru, Russia, UAE, Indonesia, Spain, South Africa, Poland, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Bahrain, Australia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Italy, Nepal, Cosa Rica, MENA Region, Morocco, Denmark, Iran, Kuwait, China.
  • 600 participants from 5 continents joined our event
  • 6 IPMA Executives met our audience during “Meet IPMA Executives” panels
  • 4 IPMA VPs moderated 4 excellent discussion panels
  • A team of 15 amazing IPMA volunteers moderated the event from 13 countries
  • 72 MAs were presented in our MAs BOOTHS
  • 4 major upcoming IPMA events were presented in IPMA EVENTS BOOTH
  • All IPMA P&S materials were available to download from “IPMA materials” booth
  • We issued over 400 virtual badges already – they were widely shared via social media
  • Our average event’s post was seen by an audience of 4000 people, some even by 13 000!

We would like to thank everyone who participated and was involved in this event and all those who supported us all the way!
Huge thanks and see you next year, April 2022 during the 3rd IPMA BPW event!

And don’t forget to share your digital badges – proof of your participation.
You can read more on how to register to get them HERE

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