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25th anniversary event of Apogep – Associação Portuguesa de Gestão de Projetos!

On October 18th, at the PROJECT YOU 2019 event, the brand new visual identity of APOGEP was presented. APOGEP’s new logo, which now includes IPMA’s logo and has brand new lettering and set of colours, testifying APOGEP’s commitment to IPMA’s community and to the adaption and response to the changing needs of the Portuguese project managers and the global challenges we are facing.

The new logo results from a partnership between APOGEP and Monstros & Cia, a CH Group company, which, under the creative direction of Isabel Valente, director of Marketing and Communication of APOGEP, developed the identity that you can now see. The work will be continued so that APOGEP appears, in all its supports and communication channels, with this new face.

The context

APOGEP – Associação Portuguesa de Gestão de Projetos (Portuguese Association for Project Management) was created in 1994 to develop and give credibility to project management and supporting the professionals who carry out their activities in this area:

  • maintaining contact with policymakers for the promotion and recognition of project management and project managers and the defence of their interests
  • providing support to professionals
  • sharing knowledge and good practices, in person at events and online in the various channels of the Association
  • enabling connection and networking opportunities
  • providing opportunities for professional development and contributing to the development of project management in volunteer activities
  • providing certification services according to the IPMA standard, through the National Certification Commission (CNC) APOGEP
  • adding IPMA Young Crew, laboratory of good project management practices for children under 35 years old
  • by aggregating the APOGEP Sectoral Standards Body (ONS), responsible for the development of standardisation in project management in Portugal and Portugal’s contributions to the ISO international technical committees of this sector
  • leading the creation and consolidation of a national professional community of sharing and mutual assistance

Since its foundation, APOGEP has been a member of the IPMA.


This was the theme of the event in which the 25th anniversary of APOGEP was celebrated, PROJECT YOU 2019, shapes the current moment of the Association. The 25 years of work developed allowed APOGEP to accumulate a heritage of credibility, recognition and projection, in all areas of its action.

The values of professionalism, transparency, integrity, seriousness and solidity are important to APOGEP, but no less the values of adaptability, openness, vitality and commitment to the necessary change.

The 25th anniversary event took place with the participation of IPMA’s President Jesus Martinez-Almela (with his presentation: “Sustainability: the need for a new project management paradigm”) as well as Vice-president for certification – Joop Schefferlie (with his keynote speech: “Adapt or Die’”) as well as IPMA’s honorary member Mary McKinlay (sharing “A week is a long time in politics – Harold Wilson UK PM 1975 – so what happens in 25 years in project management?”). The program of the event included 22 speakers, both national and international, and 150 attendees.

APOGEP wants to continue to be at the side of the professionals it serves, in a highly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, as an anchor on which they can count to leverage their development and success, as well as the development and success of the organizations that integrate or lead. You want to do this in a close, available, attentive and individualized way. APOGEP increasingly wants to support organizations of any sector and public administration through the contribution that project management can make to their strengthening, for efficient and effective management of resources towards the set objectives. It wants to do this in a professional, safe, reliable and sustainable way. In this journey, APOGEP is attentive to changes and developments, integrating the latest knowledge and best practices in project management, national and international programmes and portfolios, thanks (also) to its integration in the global network of similar associations that is the IPMA. APOGEP is local and operates locally, but it is an organization with global thinking, committed to making the contribution that is within its reach to overcome the enormous environmental, climate and social challenges that the planet and the human species currently face.

See more photos from the event in the album HERE!