IPMA International Project Management Association

21st IPMA Poland Conference in Project Management – Revolution in management, Industry 4.0/Agile&Lean/Internet of Things

IPMA Poland Annual Conference is the biggest event within the area of Project Management in Poland. On the 8th – 9th October in Warsaw focus will be on the revolution in management – especially in three areas:  Industry 4.0, Agile & Lean and Internet of Things. Organisers will try to answer the question how current and future project management is and will be functioning in a context of variability, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA); how projects are to be implemented today and what awaits us in project management tomorrow. The participants will have a chance to listen to case studies, to get to know possibilities of using modern technologies in the context of the latest trends in management, all this in the era of ubiquitous digitalisation. There are also two accompanying events taking place within the frames of IPMA Poland annual conference: Project Management Education Seminar and International Young Crew Workshop.

Presentations and workshops during the main event will tackle the following issues:
– the functioning of companies that manage projects in difficult conditions of variability, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA),
– the latest trends in project management or management in general,
– how projects are implemented today and what awaits us in project management of tomorrow,
– use of modern technologies in organization management, in project management in the era of ubiquitous digitization,
– the use of agile techniques (Agile & Lean) in project management.
You can read more and register via event website: https://konferencja.ipma.pl/

Project Management Education Seminar is an event traditionally accompanying the annual IPMA Poland PM Conference, organized in partnership with Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Szczecin. The main goal of the annual seminars is to build a platform of cooperation between science and business, develop our IPMA Poland-Student accreditation program and give support to our academic partners within that system.
The motto of this year’s seminar is “Competence transformation”. The invited experts are representatives of science and business, who will present and discuss the subject of developing competences in economic practice. The event’s program includes lectures, debate, and workshops.
An important part of the program is the announcement of the results of the Project Master competition for the best bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and postgraduate thesis in the field of project management. Please check the conference website to read more: https://konferencja.ipma.pl/pm-edukacja/

International Young Crew Workshop is one-day international workshop addressed to young project managers, people who have been recently involved and work in the project environment, graduates, students and all those who are interested in the field of project management.
International Young Crew Workshop is an interactive event that consists of high-quality workshops, simulation games, discussions, exchange of experiences and networking. The main goal of the Workshops is to gain practical knowledge, invaluable information and experience in the field of project management in a positive atmosphere and with people who know what it means to combine effective learning with good fun.
As part of the discussion panel, participants will be able to listen to project management practitioners from Poland and abroad. To read more please visit the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/271051710143537/