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30 June 2017 / 7:26


The IPMA, aware of its contribution to the development of a global society, appeals to its member associations to locally set up their own network of IPMA C4D coaches, as well to find projects that would benefit from support, answering to the challenges presented by third sector’s organizations.

IPMA Coaching for Development (IPMA C4D) is a charity initiative of the IPMA. We provide project management knowledge and experience to social development or humanitarian aid projects through project management coaching. We support projects focusing on one of the selected United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

IPMA C4D connects non-profit organizations (NPOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with professional project coaches to enhance the competence of the project management team through coaching the project manager or project coordinator.

Our goal is to develop project management competence in the social development and humanitarian aid sectors so that their projects can have greater impact and more sustainable results.

This target sector fills a relevant space in society, answering to social challenges. It represents a significant part of the economic structure and involves managers, volunteers, donors, beneficiaries, and organizations (NPOs and NGOs) with the following general aspects:

  • Independence from the government;
  • “Values-driven”. This means they are motivated by the desire to achieve social goals (for example, improving public welfare, the environment or economic well-being) rather than the desire to distribute profit; and
  • Reinvestment of any surpluses generated in the pursuit of their goals.

Their goals are reached in the form of a project, supported by partnerships with private organizations, business institutes, public entities and global organizations.

The IPMA C4D concept addresses coaching for project managers or project Coordinators and their projects by adapting the project management culture to the NPO’s, developing proposals for a quick intervention that can be translated into benefits and value.

It has been validated in several regions and the added value for the organizations participating in the Pilot Projects in Nepal and Portugal, for example, is readily evident.

Working with a generic support framework, IPMA C4D coach interacts directly with the local project manager or project coordinator using a defined life cycle and seeking the project gaps. From Project Management Plan to the Closure, the coaching intervention is progressively elaborated, setting the base for Lessons Learned to be applied in the future.

IPMA Member Associations can gain a lot from embracing this cause. As a chairman of APOGEP, the member association in Portugal, I have supported IPMA C4D by finding a pilot project for the concept with Amnesty Portugal. I think, as an MA, we benefit from this new initiative of IPMA as we can offer our networks to help move our society forward. There are many benefits in joining IPMA C4D that vary across cultures, policies and geographical areas. Some of the common benefits are:

  • It shows commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • It constitutes an opportunity for building or strengthening a network with local NGOs and NPOs
  • It enables the creation of a local pool of project managers from the third sector
  • It attracts new volunteers and new members from the third sector to the MA, increasing diversity
  • It’s an opportunity for promoting IPMA products, such as 4LC – Project Management Certification and OCB – Organization Competence Baseline, within local NGOs and NPOs
  • It increases visibility and brand awareness
  • It reflects social responsibility
  • It helps to develop project management skills and competences, introducing project management culture, tools and good practices to third sector’s organizations
  • It offers an opportunity for the MA to work in close collaboration with local third sector’s players, creating project management courses specifically designed to meet their needs, for example.

If your Member Association is interested in contributing to IPMA C4D activities, please contact us via [email protected].

Read more information and download our brochure on our webpage www.ipma.world/c4d.

The Council of the Delegates will be voting for Coaching for Development to became an official IPMA service in Astana in September.


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António Andrade Dias

Author of this post

António Andrade Dias has over 25 years in project, programme and portfolio management. He is Certified Project Manager and IPMA Delta Assessor. Since 2009 he is acting as APOGEP President – Portuguese Project Management Association. Antonio is invited lecture in several Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilian Universities. He has acted as expert consultant or as project-program manager on Public and Private entities such as Audi-Volkswagen, SONAE, IKEA, ADEO, UNITEL, SONANGOL, Triumph, St John Hospital, Portuguese Government (Finance Ministry and Social Security Ministry), among others.