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30 November 2017 / 8:09

Moving social projects forward!

New charity service of IPMA

The 30th international world congress of IPMA successfully took place in Astana / Kazakhstan in September with the participation of project professionals all around the world. Right after IPMA World Congress, IPMA Council of Delegates (CoD) took place in beautiful natural resort area in Borovoe with the participation of delegates representing member associations of IPMA. CoD meets two times in a year to make important decisions to move IPMA forward. This CoD had a special importance for us. After 2 years of dedicated voluntary work (2016: Preparation of the concept of IPMA C4D, 2017: Piloting and testing the concept), it was time for us to get the blessings of member associations from 68 different countries.

We are proud to say that IPMA C4D approved as the new charity service of IPMA with the votes of all MAs (110/110 votes). Here we would like to thank our MAs for their support.

IPMA C4D in Action

IPMA C4D is not only an idea or a dream. IPMA C4D activities are already in action. After developing and creating the concept of this charity initiative IPMA C4D did several pro bono coaching projects for social development projects which are in need of project management coaching. Up to now we have finished two coaching projects which we name them as pilots. One pilot started 3 weeks ago and we are already in contact with our fourth pilot project. In each pilot coaching project, we are trying different approaches in order to understand what are the most sustainable ways to support NPOs in their social projects.

Here is a short summary from our coaching projects;

Pilot 1:  Prerana Nepal

  • Non-profit Organisation:

Prerana: Establish conscious, advanced, gender sensitive, socially inclusive and equitable society.

  • Beneficiary Project:

Inclusive livelihood Project: To foster the integration of persons with disabilities in productive civilian life,

  • Voluntary Coach:

Reinhhard Wagner (former president of IPMA and GPM)

  • MA support:

Subas Subedi (PMAN)

  • Coaching focus:

Basic PM Skills based on a PM Canvas approach

  • Result:

Development on understanding and practice of PM basics and ability to create and use PM canvas.

Testimonial from the coachee (PM of beneficiary project):

The Coaching from Reinhard Wagner has been very helpful in managing our project effectively. As an example, he supported us in analysing our stakeholders in relation to their roles in the project and our approach to dealing with them. This has given us insight on how to best communicate with different stakeholders. Our team put the project into a project canvas during the process of coaching; that gave all team members a common understanding of the project goal and the logical relation between objectives on different levels.

We firmly believe that this initiative is very fruitful to the small NPOs like us. We are thankful to the Coaching for Development project of the International Project Management Association.”     (
Renuka Kadel, Inclusion Officer, Prerana, Nepal)

Pilot 2: Amnesty International Portugal:

  • Beneficiary NPO:

Amnesty International Portugal: Aims to create a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.

  • Beneficiary Project:

Planning, monitoring and evaluation project (internal project)

  • Voluntary Coach:

António Andrade Dias (APOGEP)

  • MA support:

Miguel Syder (APOGEP)

  • Coaching focus:

AI Portugal is looking to improve its planning, monitoring and evaluation methods in order to better perform our work and to be able to measure our progress and impact.

  • Result:

Implementation of Outcome Mapping tools as a project management approach

Testimonial from the coachee (PM of beneficiary project):

The coaching provided by IPMA C4D was essential in my work as the newly appointed responsible for planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) at Amnesty International Portugal. We had some problems with PME and we were investing resources in activities and events which we weren’t sure if contributed or not for our impact.

António spent several days with me helping me on this area and coaching me about the outcome mapping model. This is a new model that Amnesty will use for PME and Antonio’s help was very important in order to better understand it.

António and a colleague participated in an Amnesty planning session regarding “I Welcome” global campaign and it helped us clarify some basilar questions regarding the effective way of planning this campaign.

 Although Amnesty International is a NGO with more than 7 million of activists spread in more than 150 territories, PME has not been a priority for the majority of sections and only a few have people adjudicated to this area. So the Coaching for Development projects was very important for me and for the section.”  (Ana Monteiro, Project Manager, Amnesty International Portugal)

Pilot 3: The Brother Albert Foundation – Fundacja im. Brata Alberta 

  • Beneficiary NPO:

The Brother Albert Foundation: They aim to provide help for the developmentally challenged people.

  • Beneficiary Project:

Extension of the Friend’s House: Creating 9 additional places by extension of the building (Friend’s House) for disable people in Radwanowice by 01.10.2019

  • Voluntary Coach :

Przemyslaw Domanski

  • MA Support:

Ewa Bednarczyk (IPMA Polska)

  • Coaching focus:

In progress

  • Results:

In progress

New Beginnings

Even though the project phase of IPMA C4D comes to its end this is not the end. Actually, it is completely the opposite. Our job starts now. Now, as official service of IPMA we need to continue moving forward. We are in the piloting phase until the end of 2017. We will continue doing pilots, reviewing, polishing our concepts and processes and continue to move social projects forward.

To continue, we need your support. Soon we will reach you again for our detailed “Call for Action” message. For now we would like you to have a look at our webpage and our brochure.

  • If you have a non-profit projects and need support please do not hesitate to apply for professional project coaching. Just fill in our beneficiary project application form and send it to c4d@ipma.world
  • If you are a project coach and would like to volunteer in one of our projects and support us please fill in our coach application form and send it to c4d@ipma.world
  • If you would like to support us with your donations or your voluntary work please contact us so we can provide you the information to be part of IPMA C4D.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and looking forward to continue moving social projects forward with your support!

The team behind this work

In the end, I would like to thank our team who worked hard and volunteered during the past two years. Thank you Ewa Bednarczyk, CJ Fitzsimons, Antonio Andrade Dias, Yekbun Gürgöz, and Essi Rautiainen.

We will be happy to read your comments and answer your questions under this blog post. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts.

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