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11 April 2022 / 5:00

IPMA’s Global Customers meeting on 08 April 2022 in Paris: a new milestone in IPMA history

IPMA (www.ipma.world) and its Global Customers met for the first time on 08.04.2022 in Paris. The objective of the one-day workshop was to share experiences and best practices regarding certification of their project and programme managers according to the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline ICB4 and International Certification Regulation.
A Global Customer (GC) is a medium or large entity that conducts project, programme, or portfolio management operations internationally and wishes to certify in the countries where it operates using a common certification scheme.

Every Global customer is taken care of by a Key Account Manager whose responsibilities
are to:
• manage the relationship with the GC on behalf of the Lead Certification Body (LCB) according to
the terms of the GC-LCB contract;
• prior to implementation, design, document and obtain approval, in writing, from Certification and
Validation Management Board for the GC Certification Scheme;
• agree with all CBs involved, in writing, about their involvement in the certification process and
contract with them as necessary prior to any commitment made with the GC;
• coordinate the processes for certification in the GC throughout all countries involved;
• coordinate the planning of certification activities in cooperation with the GC and Certification
• hold a master GC certification plan for all certification activities globally;
• ensure that the CBs involved have appropriately trained Assessors;
• arrange the payment agreements between GC, LCB and CB’s involved;
• ensure data is managed appropriately and securely;
• ensure the standard IPMA certificate is used globally;
• report on GC status to IPMA Certification and Validation Management Board (CVMB) on request;
• escalate any strategic issues to CVMB for resolution.

The workshop was the occasion for the well-prepared representatives from the Global Customers Siemens (www.siemens.com), Renault (www.renault.fr), Thales (www.thalesgroup.com), Alstom
(www.alstom.com), Infineon (www.infineon.com), Siemens Energy (www.siemens-energy.com) and Siemens Gamesa (www.siemens-gamesa.com) to meet their IPMA Key Account Managers and members of the IPMA Executive Board to outline the positive impact the Global certification Scheme
has on their respective organizations. Some of them have had a long-lasting relationship with IPMA for more than 15 years.
Among the benefits underlined by the GCs were the progress made in the digitization of certification processes, the globally aligned certification scheme, the offerings of online training for continuous development in project management, the increasing popularity of IPMA certification, the creation of a project management culture in which people speak the same language and develop common practices, the on-site exchanges on best practices on a regular manner among peers/other GCs.
At the same time, the GCs were able to express their wish lists so that their specific needs are continuously taken care of. In this context, the GCs mentioned further automation in the recertification process, the coaching of candidates to better prepare for certification, the creation of a guide/list addressing the comparative advantages of IPMA certification against other certification models, the need to address agility, the streamlining of operations in the certification process, reduction of workload for the company and the need for an accessible global events calendar related to project management. Interestingly, the demand for role-based certification in some GCs is increasing, as the number of roles a project manager can have is augmenting (ex. PMO member, head of PMO, project planner, HR-PM, financial project controller, etc.).
The workshop was not only the occasion to have a proactive exchange in a corporate environment, where the executives of the French company Naval Group (www.naval-group.com) welcomed all participants (a great thank you to the colleagues of Naval Group!).
The event also helped GCs to get information on IPMA products and services other than the certification of project managers. The information shared by the IPMA Executive Board members includes the certification of coaches, consultants, and trainers, the different categories of awards for the certification of the project according to the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline®, the IPMA Delta® product that allows assessing the PM Competence or organisations according to IPMA Organisational Competence Baseline® , the IPMA Special Interest Groups (SIGs), the registration of training partners (IPMA-REG), and the events of IPMA.

This meeting was the first of its kind in IPMA history and certainly not the last one.
One of the agreed milestones for IPMA Global Customer meetings is the 34th IPMA World Congress
in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 25-27 of September 2023. Until then, another event will most probably take place to address in more detail the identified common workshop topics.
Au revoir et à bientôt from Paris!

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