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Young Crew – The Team

The IPMA Young Crew is coordinated internationally by the IPMA Young Crew Management Board. This team develops new projects and ensures the continuous development of the IPMA Young Crew through projects and initiatives. Via several platforms, the IPMA Young Crew Management Board collaborates with the national IPMA Young Crews in each country.

The current Management Board is elected for the period 2018-2020 and reports into the Vice President for the IPMA Young Crew in the IPMA ExBo, Gholamreza (Kami) Safakish, Iran

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The Management Board

The Management Board is led by Niklas Bein (Chairman, Germany) 
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The IPMA Young Crew is a vibrant network of volunteers and many projects are executed either nationally or internationally. It’s a great space to gather Project Management knowledge and practical experience while working together with inspiring people. To bring this network to the next level, Niklas is working now as the Chairman of the Board and responsible to lead the IPMA Young Crew Management Board.

Niklas has worked in several national and international Projects. He was the first project manager of GeCCo in 2012, which strengthened the connections in the IPMA YC network. As Management Board Member and Chairman of the GPM Young Crew (Germany), he has gathered experience in leading a Young Crew. In Peru, Niklas has also supported the local Young Crew in getting established. Thus, he has a broad knowledge about the diversity within the Young Crew network. He has also facilitated various workshops for Young Crews all over the world. Over the last three years, Niklas was in charge of the Global Young Crew Workshop and Talent Management. Now he is leading the IPMA Young Crew Board as Chair and applies his experience in this leadership role.

When Niklas is not working for Young Crew, he works as a Project Manager and Demand planner for a leading polymer producer, Synthomer PLC. He studied Business Administration at the University Cologne and obtained a Master of Science focusing on Corporate Development. Additionally, he holds a CEMS Master in International Management and was at the HEC Paris to gain further international exposure.

Josipa Anđal (Head of Communication and Marketing, Croatia)
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Josipa Anđal has been a part of Young Crew since 2015. Making her first Young Crew steps as a member of IPMA Young Crew Croatia and being a Board Member there since 2016, she was a Local Organizer for GeCCo in 2015 and 2016, member of the GeCCo Core Team in 2017 and GeCCo Project Manager for 2018/2019 edition. Besides this, she has been a Community Manager for Young Crew since April 2017. In June 2019 she joined Young Crew Management Board. She is completing her Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering (area of studies Building Construction) and is working as a Structural Engineering Intern focusing on structural design and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Marek Demcak (Head of Coaches & Mentors Program and Project owner of Global Young Crew Workshop, Slovakia)
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Works as a LEAN Coach at Vaillant with the main aim to coach, support, and coordinate the development of LEAN philosophy at industrial plants of the Vaillant Group in Slovakia and England. Besides his love, in Process improvement, he is very enthusiastic about project management as well. Marek founded and developed IPMA Young Crew in Slovakia. Currently, he is the Management Board Member of IPMA Slovakia and since March 2019 also the Management Board Member of Young Crew Global responsible for GYCWS and Coaches and Mentors program. His hobbies range from books to different kind of sports such as CrossFit and climbing iron ways. Why is he so involved in IPMA? as he says: “Whatever we do in our lives has the impact on the world and other people, therefore we should do the right things, be more professionals but never forget to have fun” 🙂

Filipe Figuereido (Project Sponsor YPMY and Head of Innovation, Portugal)
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Project management consultant with experience in different industries, such as retail, banking, industry and consulting services. Enthusiast contributor to the project management profession and volunteer at IPMA – International Project Management Association.

Katia Sarachuk (Project Sponsor GeCCo and Head of Membership, Austria)
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As part of the IPMA YC Management Board, Katia is responsible for the Membership remit and the Global collaboration Competition project, the latest one being her passion for more than 5 years already. She started as a participant back in 2013, continued as a Local Organizer and Jury manager, and was leading the GeCCo Core Team for 3 years afterward. She was also actively involved in the organization of the Young Project Manager of the Year award in 2016-2017.

Besides IPMA YC, Katia’s volunteer experience spans nature protection projects of the Austrian Alpine Association and sports events such as the Special Olympics World Games and the Wings for Life World Run.

Her professional activities are in the sphere of E-commerce. As a project manager, she supports the clients of the nexxtcommerce GmbH with the development and maintenance of their online business.

Marija Todorovic (Project Sponsor IPMC and Head of Talent Management, Serbia)
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Marija was the founder and the first chair of IPMA Young Crew Serbia. Over the course of years, she led or participated in numerous IPMA Young Crew projects and events on both local and international level, such as GeCCo, International Project Management Championship, Global Young Crew Workshop, etc. Currently, she is responsible for the Talent Management Program and Project Management Championships at the international level.

Marija is an associate professor of project management and other management disciplines at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences. During her career, she participated in many projects, for different companies, public institutions, and NGOs (engaged as a consultant, project assessor, trainer, mentor or coach). She has published more than 70 research papers in the areas of management and project management.

Membership Team

José M. Mora Marich (YC Spain) 

José is a PM with experience in social-based and agro-industry projects. Currently he is working as an international trade coordinator and certifications manager, providing agro-sustainability solutions to clients who love bananas and are looking for good agricultural practices towards the community and environment involved. As a member of IPMA Young Crew, Jose is seeking to exchange and strengthen his knowledge in PM skills and giving opportunities to empower future local young project managers.

Lucia Nievergelt (YC Switzerland)

Lucia is a project management enthusiast. She works as a consultant and project manager for better and more sustainable construction projects. She is currently excited about the use of agile methods in the construction industry. Lu represents the Young Crew in Switzerland and is a board member of the Swiss Management Association. In the Membership Team Lu works to make the Young Crew family even bigger, stronger and more colorful.

Tiago Ramalho (YC Portugal)

Tiago is a Project Manager with experience in training and consultancy across various industries and a background in Economics and Management. Passionate about project management, he now works for Deloitte as a PMO in a major digital transformation program. Also, the current President of IPMA Young Crew Portugal, he is seeking to help shape the Portuguese project management community alongside his team while learning with them every day.

Past members of the management board:

Term Name and Function
2018-2020 Rebeka D. Vlahov, Sponsor C&M and Head of Communications

Suvi Karjalainen, Head of Marketing

2015 – 2017 Mladen Vukomanovic (Chair),

Niklas Bein, GYCW & Talent Management

Daniel Collado Ruiz, Coaches & Mentors, Communication

Suvi Karjalainen, YPMY & Marketing

Johannes Soulus, PMC & Innovation

Alena Vejsadova, Membership & GeCCo

2013-2014 Daniel Collado Ruiz, Chairman

Luca Cavone, responsible for established YCs

Samuli Karjalainen, Sponsoring & PMC

Alena Vejsadova, responsible for developing YCs

Natalia Sowinska, Marketing & YC anniversary, GeCCo

Mladen Vukomanovic, Innovation & GYCW

2011-2012 Samuli Karjalainen, Chairman

Estuardo Calderon Scheel, responsible for developing YCs & PMC

Daniel Collado Ruiz, Innovation & GYCW

Gloria Costa, Marketing & CreACTivity

Maria Praxmarer, Sponsoring & C4D

Luca Cavone, responsible for established YCs & YPMY

2006-2010 Andreas Pérez-Madsen, Chairman

Samuli Karjalainen, GYCW & PMC

Daniel Collado Ruiz, GYCW & C4D

 Jhaymee Wilson, YPMY

 Jörn Eggeman, YPMY

 Zuzana Jezkova, Newsletter