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Young Crew – The Team

The IPMA Young Crew is coordinated internationally by the IPMA Young Crew Management Board. This team develops new projects and ensures the continuous development of the IPMA Young Crew through projects and initiatives. Via several platforms, the IPMA Young Crew Management Board collaborates with the national IPMA Young Crews in each country.

The current Management Board is elected for the period 2020-2022 and reports into Vice President for Membership & YC in the IPMA ExBo, Yvonne Schoper (Germany)

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The Management Board


The Management Board is led by Chiara Haenel, Chair of IPMA YC Management Board
Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chiarahaenel
Email: chiara.haenel@become.pm

Chiara is extremely passionate about navigating change, innovation projects, and creating a learning culture in which everyone can thrive. She joined YC in 2012 in Germany and helped to build up the international events PMC and GeCCo in Germany. Furthermore, during her time in Italy and the Netherlands, she was working closely with the national YCs there to share knowledge and ideas. As a chair of the YCMB, Chiara sees her role to strengthen our global community by increasing transparency, the feeling of belonging, and access to our knowledge network. Digitalization, a strong visual YC brand identity, and storytelling that is closely tied to IPMA and co-creation with national YCs are means to achieve this goal.


Katia Sarachuk, Membership & Talent, Global PM Days (GPMD)
Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katiasarachuk/
Email: k.sarachuk@become.pm

Being an enthusiastic contributor to the project management profession, Katia has been an active member of the IPMA YC since 2014. In different roles, she was involved in the organization of GeCCo, iPMC, and YPMY, and was responsible for the Membership remit for the last 3 years. Aiming to support the growth of young project managers and students by boosting their personal and interpersonal competences, Katia has launched a new product of the IPMA YC portfolio – Global PM Days. Being part of the international community and working on challenging projects with a global impact is what motivates her the most.



Tiago Ramalho, Membership & Talent, Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCo)
Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tiago-ramalho/
Email: tiagoamorimramalho@become.pm

Tiago is driven by everything related to project management and most people. His journey to serving the community started in 2015 when he joined IPMA Young Crew Portugal. After being involved in many national and international projects, he ended up becoming the Chairperson in his home country. The will to serve only grew stronger over the years and now, as a member of the Board, he seeks to contribute even more to shape the future of project management while pursuing one of his dearest missions – to bring everyone together around a truly global community.



Lucia Nievergelt, Global YC Workshop (GYCW), Young Project Manager of the Year Award (YPMY)
Linkedin Profile: Lucia Nievergelt | LinkedIn
Email: lucia.nievergelt@become.pm

Lucia is a project management enthusiast. In 2013, she started the Young Crew in her home country Switzerland. Since then, she has been exploring the wonderful network that the IPMA Young Crew forms around the world.
On the Young Crew Management Board, she is committed to making Young Crew even bigger, stronger and more colorful and is therefore the proud product owner for the Global YC Workshop and the Young Project Manager of the Year Award. Let’s celebrate our passion for project management!




Irina Bolognesi, International PM Championship (IPMC)
Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/irinabolognesi/
Email: irina.bolognesi@become.pm

Irina has been part of Young Crew in Italy since 2013. As a Member of the national board she has been in charge of MA (Member Association) relations. Besides this, she led the development of the International Project Management Championship, was PM of the Italian Forum of Young Project Managers and sustained the growth of the Young Crew community developing collaborations with universities. Irina is a member of the Italian Certification Body and works for the Italian Member Association managing marketing activities, in alignment with the MA strategy. She strongly believes in the value of competence development and is always open to change and innovation.



Jose Alvarado Campos, Coaches & Mentors
Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josealvaradoc/
Email: jlalvaradocampos@become.pm

Jose has been involved in IPMA since 2015, being one of the founders of Young Crew Peru, where he obtained the position of Chairman Young Crew Peru in 2016; during his management achieved the expansion and strengthening of the association in 4 cities in Peru, which led him to become a Member of the board of IPMA Peru. Also, he has led and promoted various IPMA projects such as GeCCo and iPMC, being the pioneers with IPMA Chile in organizing the 1st PMC in Latin America.
Jose is passionate about the spreading of Project Management and its benefits, from a holistic approach where he seeks to integrate knowledge, practice and the human approach of this discipline.



Past members of the management board:

Term Name and Function
2018-2020 Niklas Bein, Chair

Marija Todorovic, PMC & Talent Management

Filipe Figueiredo, YPMY & Innovation

Katia Sarachuk, Membership, GeCCo & Global PM Days

Marek Demcak, Coaches & Mentors, GYCW (2019-2020)

Josipa Andal, Marketing & Communication (2020)

Rebeka D. Vlahov, Coaches & Mentors, Communication (2018-2019)

Suvi Karjalainen, Marketing & GYCW (2018)

2015 – 2017 Mladen Vukomanovic (Chair),

Niklas Bein, GYCW & Talent Management

Daniel Collado Ruiz, Coaches & Mentors, Communication

Suvi Karjalainen, YPMY & Marketing

Johannes Soulus, PMC & Innovation

Alena Vejsadova, Membership & GeCCo

2013-2014 Daniel Collado Ruiz, Chairman

Luca Cavone, responsible for established YCs

Samuli Karjalainen, Sponsoring & PMC

Alena Vejsadova, responsible for developing YCs

Natalia Sowinska, Marketing & YC anniversary, GeCCo

Mladen Vukomanovic, Innovation & GYCW

2011-2012 Samuli Karjalainen, Chairman

Estuardo Calderon Scheel, responsible for developing YCs & PMC

Daniel Collado Ruiz, Innovation & GYCW

Gloria Costa, Marketing & CreACTivity

Maria Praxmarer, Sponsoring & C4D

Luca Cavone, responsible for established YCs & YPMY

2006-2010 Andreas Pérez-Madsen, Chairman

Samuli Karjalainen, GYCW & PMC

Daniel Collado Ruiz, GYCW & C4D

 Jhaymee Wilson, YPMY

 Jörn Eggeman, YPMY

 Zuzana Jezkova, Newsletter