IPMA International Project Management Association

Coaches and Mentors – We support MAs to develop Young Crews and our volunteers to achieve their goals.

Who are we?

IPMA Young Crew Coaches and Mentors is a formalized group of experienced volunteers that is responsible for the advancement of IPMA YC, supporting Transitional YCs to become full members and ensuring the sustainability of Full Member YCs from early stages.

Currently, we have 12 coaches from 9 different countries supporting Young Crews in 49 countries (13 in Transitional and 36 in Full membership level) and ready to support other 13 countries that showed interest to build YC.

What is the program about?

Our Coaches and Mentors Program empowers the IPMA members to make an impact on the profession in the long term by securing their sustainability developing Young Crew organizations in their countries.

We coach the Young Crew leaders in their strategic goal setting, idea generation, planning, and decision-making.

We also share best practices based on the coach’s experience and our knowledge management system.

Finally, we also coach the member association representative in strategic goal setting for their national Young Crew, so that the whole organization is more likely to create a sustainable impact.
In other words: We give our members the experience of more than 50 countries on making youth organizations more sustainable and active.

Who Can Get a Coach?

Every National Young Crew is eligible for the assignment of a Coach from the moment of officially receiving the Transitional Young Crew status.

Benefits for the MAs

  • Service to MAs to help ensure continuity of the Young Crew Improves the organization of the National YC
  • Training the next generation of MA leaders and active members
  • The program is helping to get members through YC in the long term
  • The program is helping to introduce new IPMA services to the young generation, and that way spread the awareness about organization.