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11 October 2021 / 11:00

IPMA CCT: Show the world you are a Recognised Consultant, Coach, or Trainer in Project Management (part2)

An interview with Radmila Miković, Development and Management Consultant based in Serbia, with 22 years of experience in international development and cooperation in the Western Balkans. She is also an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Project and Innovation Management in Belgrade, Serbia, and IPMA Certified Executive Consultant, Coach and Trainer in Project Management (IPMA Level A CECC and CET).

IPMA: Why did you decide to get certified?
Radmila Miković: Why someone like me, with two faculties completed and PhD acquired, thousand hours invested in informal education, so many years of international experience, viable business results and scientific achievements, a good reference list, etc., would opt for IPMA CECC and CET certification process? Is it just about getting another certificate, or is it about being part of a prestigious community of practice?  Well, in my case, it is about genuine commitment to learning, upgrading and adapting because I sell knowledge and not time!
I work in a dynamic sector; international development projects focus on “wicked” problems; complexity comes from extremely challenging contexts, so solutions provided must be innovative, multistakeholder, and cross-sector based. My working environment expects me to be trustworthy, efficient, value-driven, and true. Project management practices, methodologies, processes, approaches are essential but having a consultant/coach/trainer who shares that knowledge, skills and attitudes integrating openness, engagement, ethics, values and integrity is the essence of success for the demand and supply sides. So, IPMA CECC and CET process was precisely the pathway I had to pass since I wanted to test myself and assess the degree to which my competencies fulfil my current professional demands and where to invest more in my future learning and adapting endeavours.

IPMA: How did you know about this certificate?
Radmila Miković: I knew about IPMA available PM certification process, but when I heard that IPMA introduced a CECC and CET process, I was the first in the line to go for it, and I got it in 2019. I am not sure, but I am still the only person in Serbia with both certificates, and I am so proud of that achievement. I had no doubt that was the best option for me since it was and still is the only one currently available for professional consultants, coaches and trainers. At least, the only option that provides an in-depth certification process against the standardized set of competences the international PM community of practice recognizes as the most important.

IPMA: How do you perceive the process?
RM:Was it easy? Not really; I had just completed my PhD and was exhausted from intensive scientific work. But then, while working on my self-assessment exercises and case studies which were the essence of the certification process, I reflected on so many aspects of my professional life. I recalled so many situations and challenges I was confronted with that the writing process became inspiring. Later on, the interviews with assessors, a mandatory part of the process, were valuable since I had an opportunity to exchange good and challenging experiences with them. However, they were sitting on the opposite side of the table. And to be honest, they surprised me with their high degree of understanding and knowledge about the work I perform. That was precisely when I realized that the certification process was great learning and networking opportunity, not just an examination or interrogation.

IPMA: What would be your recommendations to your colleagues?
RM: Well, I believe everything I said so far strongly advocates that. This is a unique opportunity for PM consultants/trainers/coaches to assess their knowledge-skills-competences-attitudes. All of us who provide professional PM consultancy and training services are held accountable for what we provide to our clients. It is a matter of our personal and professional integrity to maintain the highest quality of our work which must be prone to regular assessments of what we know and do. Our results and the level of satisfaction of our clients do speak about our quality of work. Still, our community of practice and the validation that comes from their end are essential indicators of our quality. I would like to see much more in the international development and cooperation sector I belong to!

Thank you, IPMA, looking forward to new learning and networking opportunities!





  • Triantafyllos Katsarelis says:

    Which National PM bodies deliver this certificate?

  • Silvia Drahosova says:

    We have deliverables = issued IPMA CCT certificates already from Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia and Iran. Several other national certification bodies are preparing for their first CCT certifications till end of 2021! We will inform you about the progress.

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