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29 June 2020 / 2:00

IPMA Best Practices: Project Management Association Finland (PMAF) had a successful spring of webinars

One of the most prominent and loved things we do for our members have always been our events. Which we have plenty: approximately 60 – 80 per year. Since the whole world went upside down due to the seriousness of the global coronavirus epidemic, we also had to sit down and think about what can we offer to our members to stay in their lives.

We decided that even if we cannot meet face-to-face it shouldn’t mean we cannot offer chances to learn and exchange thoughts and ideas. So we launched a series of webinars during this spring and early summer. And these turned into a real success story. When we typically have around 20 to 30 participants, now we rocked numbers close to, and over, hundred!

Our members love these online events and we constantly hear pleads to continue them even when life turns to normal and we can meet in person again. And for sure we are giving the crowds what they want. As Finland is a long distances’ country this has offered a chance for everyone to participate, regardless of where you live and especially how far you reside from our capital area (which is located at the southern coastline and where most our events are held).

We definitely did not expect such a demand for our webinars. We even had people asking are their co-workers welcome to join online if they aren’t members. The idea of having webinars and online participation was something we had only tested before this epidemic. But it turned out that sometimes great things can come from unlikely and unpleasant things. Sometimes the need for change comes from necessity but it doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

PMAF is planning to continue online events in the future, also with our two biggest events of the year: Projektipäivät 2020 (Project Days 2020 – Finland’s biggest project management event) and 3PMO (which is the most prominent project management office professionals’ gathering in Nordic countries).

Written by: Else Halttunen, PMAF

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