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This section lists events that are of interest to IPMA Member Associations, our members and our friends. Events that meet the guidelines below may also be featured on the front page of our website, in addition to appearing in this Events section. We invite IPMA Member Associations and our strategic affiliates to submit events for posting on this page. Email us, at info@ipma.world, with information as specified in the Guidelines here

Name of the event
Country, city
There’s a New Sheriff in Town
Netherlands, Online

Name of the event: There’s a New Sheriff in Town
Start day 7.2.2023
End day 7.2.2023
Country: Netherlands
City: Online
Intro text: Take as a projectmanager advantage of this guide to successfully take over ongoing projects and get the work done. As a projectmanager you are facing the challenge of taking over an ongoing project. By the way….you are not the only one: a recent global survey revealing that 67% of projects finish with a different Project Manager that they started with, almost all Project Management methodologies and books assume a fresh project start. The reality is that few PMs have full control over the triple constraints (scope/quality, budget, and schedule) when joining an existing project team. So…do you know how to lead a project that someone else started? You know taking over an existing project is not the same as starting from scratch. Are you frustrated by PM books that assume that the PM has a blank canvas, when most of the time you are taking over projects that have already started? Then this session is for you! Learn about a proven road map to successfully complete projects, regardless of their current status. After attending this session, you will receive a free copy of Martin’s ebook “There’s a New Sheriff in Town: The Project Manager’s Proven Guide To Successfully Taking Over Ongoing Projects And Getting The Work Done “. So do sign up!

The organizers: IPMA Netherland

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The 27th International Congress on Project Management and Engineering
Spain, San Sebastián

Name of the event: The 27th International Congress on Project Management and Engineering
Start day 10.7.2023
End day 13.7.2023
Country: Spain
City: San Sebastián
Intro text: The 27th International Congress on Project Management and Engineering will be held in Donostia - San Sebastián from July 10th to 13th, 2023, under a blended format (on-line 10th-11th, on-site 12th-13th).

The organizers: IPMA Spain - AEIPRO

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