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This section lists events that are of interest to IPMA Member Associations, our members and our friends. Events that meet the guidelines below may also be featured on the front page of our website, in addition to appearing in this Events section. We invite IPMA Member Associations and our strategic affiliates to submit events for posting on this page. Email us, at info@ipma.world, with information as specified in the Guidelines here

Name of the event
Country, city
ICEC World Congress 2022
Netherlands, Rotterdam

Name of the event: ICEC World Congress 2022
Start day 12.6.2022
End day 15.6.2022
Country: Netherlands
City: Rotterdam
Intro text: The ICEC World Congress 2022 is a global conference of the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC) to be held in conjunction with and hosted by the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers. The congress will be organized from June 12 – 15, 2022 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The main theme of the event is “Predictable projects in a dynamic world”. You will be updated and informed about sustainability, project control, change, ICT, geographical influences and human factor within the sector of cost engineering. Our company is proud to support this congress and we would like to encourage you to attend. You can register by visiting the congress website: https://icecworldcongress.com/

The organizers:

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10th IPMA Research Conference “Value co-creation in the project society“
Serbia, Belgrade

Name of the event: 10th IPMA Research Conference “Value co-creation in the project society“
Start day 19.6.2022
End day 21.6.2022
Country: Serbia
City: Belgrade
Intro text: Systems by nature have a tendency towards entropy as the measure of the system’s spontaneous move into a state of more significant disorder. This is especially noticeable when systems facing with accelerated technological development, globalisation, world population growth, increased resource consumption when systems face accelerated technological development, globalisation, world population growth, and increased resource consumption when systems face accelerated technological development, globalisation, world population growth, increased resource consumption, and other global distortions. On the other hand, we strive to develop systems at the individual, organisational or societal level. The value we create with our activities directly impact the development. Most business organisations, international and national institutions and non-governmental organisations use projects either to support their business innovations, or to network with other organisations across industry, country or internationally or even completely base on projects. When information technologies are constantly developing, and the market, knowledge and ideas are limitless, the arising topic is how to co-create value in the project society. To take advantage of these opportunities challenges and cope with entropy, project society is facing many challenges, which is why the conference tend to deploy developed theories, concepts, methodologies, and best practices to reflect on value co-creation, project network and management in the project society. The conference theme includes theoretical and practical research from all aspects of project society providing diversity, yet a unique value for contributors based on a specific project management interest. Conference goals Exchange of contemporary research ideas and results on the topic of project management to create value for the project society Intense dialogue between practitioners and academics to exchange experience and proven practices in project society Knowledge sharing on the latest trends and solutions of project management collected through research and practice Elevating research ideas and research projects Networking in terms of professional cooperation on research and business projects Encouraging the development of the project management profession To support young researchers in developing and conducting high-end scientific research in the project management area. Participants will have an opportunity to: Attend plenary sessions Present the paper Actively participate in interactive workshops for research and publishing in the field of project management Actively participate in round tables with the focus on different project management solution application Participate in a doctoral seminar (seminar/colloquia). The conference programme will include a number of interactive workshops, panel discussions and round tables aiming to: Provide insight into the publication process of top-tier journals and distinguished publishers Enable direct communication and constructive dialogue among researchers and practitioners in creating value to the project society Reveal different project management solution that brings value to projects and the organisations Research know-how transfer to young researchers Create new research ideas in the international arena Build trust, network and opportunity for future projects and potential cooperation in the project society

The organizers: IPMA, IPMA Serbia

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Das Neue PM Forum
Germany, Leipzig

Name of the event: Das Neue PM Forum
Start day 7.7.2022
End day 8.7.2022
Country: Germany
City: Leipzig
Intro text: The new PM Forum People. Methods. Solutions. Traditionally, the PM Forum will once again welcome its participants with the "State of the Art" of project management. But unlike in previous years, the GPM Highlight Event will leave its usual venue in Nuremberg and take place twice a year. In summer as a face-to-face event and in autumn as a purely digital format. On 7 and 8 July 2022 Leipzig will become the capital of project management and invite the PM community to organised as well as spontaneous networking. We are very much looking forward to finally meeting you in person again at the "PM Forum Leipzig". And on 10-11 November, the "PM Forum Digital" will again offer all the advantages of a remote event. Because the past two years have made us professionals at this too.

The organizers: GPM

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6th IPMA SENET Project Management Conference
Croatia (Hrvatska), Cavtat (Dubrovnik)

Name of the event: 6th IPMA SENET Project Management Conference
Start day 21.9.2022
End day 24.9.2022
Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)
City: Cavtat (Dubrovnik)
Intro text: IPMA SENET is a network of IPMA Member Associations from Central and South-East Europe that gathers project management professionals from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine. It was established in the year of 2000 with the aim to support the exchange of experience and proven practices in project management, knowledge sharing on the latest trends and solutions of project management collected through research and practice, as well as to exchange the newest information about trends and encouraging development of project management profession in the region. Digital transformations in organizations are becoming increasingly important in achieving innovation, competitiveness, growth and strengthening market position, requiring not only modernization of processes, but also a change in organizational culture and products/services around new digital capabilities. Their successful implementation is often associated with a significant amount of decision-making at the tactical level done by project managers who have to operate within the scope of their responsibilities and be well adapted to work in a rapidly changing and digital environment, while at the same time focusing on the strategy and continuously delivering value to customers.

The organizers: IPMA, IPMA Croatia

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Back to Basics
Netherlands, Amersfoort

Name of the event: Back to Basics
Start day 15.11.2022
End day 15.11.2022
Country: Netherlands
City: Amersfoort
Intro text: To support you as a project professional in your development, we are organizing the IPMA-NL Skills Day on Tuesday, 15 November. On this day you can work on your Skills, Attitude and Knowledge. You will also meet fellow professionals with the same passion and get the chance to get to know our communities better. With the theme 'Back 2 Basics' we take you back to our basics, the ICB competency model. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The organizers: IPMA Netherland

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