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This section lists events that are of interest to IPMA Member Associations, our members and our friends. Events that meet the guidelines below may also be featured on the front page of our website, in addition to appearing in this Events section. We invite IPMA Member Associations and our strategic affiliates to submit events for posting on this page. Email us, at info@ipma.world, with information as specified in the Guidelines here

Name of the event
Country, city
PROJECT MANAGEMENT TODAY 2021 – Managing and Adapting
Portugal, ONLINE

Name of the event: PROJECT MANAGEMENT TODAY 2021 – Managing and Adapting
Start day 11.10.2021
End day 16.10.2021
Country: Portugal
Intro text: After the success of the 2020 online event, comes another edition of Project Management Today, this time under the theme 'Managing and Adapting'. From 11 to 16 October you will be able to count on a totally online and free event, where several guests will share their experience in the world of Project Management! Stay tuned to our channels for more news soon!

The organizers: APOGEP - Associação Portuguesa de Gestão de Projetos

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pma focus 2021, 21st October 2021 – “BACK TO THE ROOTS? Project Management – proven.current.successful”
Austria, Vienna

Name of the event: pma focus 2021, 21st October 2021 – “BACK TO THE ROOTS? Project Management – proven.current.successful”
Start day 21.10.2021
End day 21.10.2021
Country: Austria
City: Vienna
Intro text: pma focus 2021 will take place on 21st October 2021 at the Austria Center Vienna under the title "BACK TO THE ROOTS? Project Management - proven.current.successful". BACK TO THE ROOTS The call for a reorientation of project management is loud in many places. In doing so, they often forget what makes project management timeless, what values are still valid and what they will be in the future. So let's focus on the core competencies in PM, such as appreciation, self-reflection, trust or communication at eye level, especially in an extremely volatile time. Let us reflect on the roots of project management in order to grow further.

The organizers: pma - Project Management Austria

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LEADERSHIP – IPMA Poland 24th Conference, 4-5 November 2021, ONLINE
Poland, ONLINE

Name of the event: LEADERSHIP – IPMA Poland 24th Conference, 4-5 November 2021, ONLINE
Start day 4.11.2021
End day 5.11.2021
Country: Poland
Intro text: Gain international experience with us, learn the secrets of modern project management! The reality in which we live is described by Zygmunt Bauman as liquid modernity. People living in liquid modernity are reluctant to make an effort - they look for solutions requiring a minimal investment of their own strength. It would be even better if every task could be a game, an activity which is extremely important for a child, but not necessarily the most important for an adult. At the same time, these people live and work in a world of "black swans", VUCA, rapid technological progress, globalisation and many other changes previously unknown to societies and organisations. Sound threatening and complicated? True, because it is. Isn't there a cure for it? Not true. It is certainly not simple, but we can certainly adapt our organisation to the reality around it. The burden of responsibility for this task should be borne by the leaders of the organisation, who play a key role in setting the direction for change. The way they do it will show whether they are average managers or leaders. The 24th IPMA Poland Leadership Conference is a forum for sharing experiences and a unique opportunity to learn about best practices and leading theories on leadership in our turbulent project management reality. You will certainly find space for discussion, polemics and inspiration, and additional meetings in thematic groups will allow you to choose the issues that intrigue you most. Don't delay - be the leader of your VUCA world!

The organizers: IPMA Poland

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ProMAC2021 14th International Conference on Project Management
Japan, Kumamoto

Name of the event: ProMAC2021 14th International Conference on Project Management
Start day 25.11.2021
End day 26.11.2021
Country: Japan
City: Kumamoto
Intro text: ProMAC has been organized since 2002 by SPM, the Society of Project Management in Japan. This conference will follow its rich history of bringing together thought leaders from academia and industry to discuss the theory and practice of project, program, portfolio, organization, and systems management, including the latest global trends and developments. Besides a selection of eminent speakers, we have an impressive array of speakers to talk about a range of hot issues. Add to that the excellent social/networking program that has traditionally been part of ProMAC conferences. We are sure you would gain fresh insights from participating in this event and take away warm memories with you. ProMAC is an International conference where you can interact with world PM leaders.  You can share the knowledge, experience, and achievements of the projects beyond the region, the border, and across industries.

The organizers: SPM - IPMA Japan

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