IPMA International Project Management Association

Become a Certified Project Management Trainer

Trainer in project management, achieving professional certification, can have many benefits, including building the trust, credibility and prestige for the clients. Certified professionals are regarded as more trustworthy and productive – and can charge higher commissions.

Who can apply?
A person fulfilling the role of a Consultant and/or Coach in the field of project management could be:

  • an internal trainer in the company /organization
  • a freelance trainer
  • a trainer in a training/consulting company that provides project management training for clients
  • a lecturer in an academic field who delivers project management courses with practical training elements (seminars and workshops)
  • a trainer who prepares candidates for IPMA certification.

What are the levels and titles?
IPMA defines a three-level system for certification of Consultants and Coaches (CC):

  • IPMA® Level A: Certified Executive Trainer in project management (CET)
  • IPMA® Level B: Certified Senior Trainer in project management (CST)
  • IPMA® Level C: Certified Trainer in project management (CT)

The standard with competence elements is available here

What if the certification process?
The certification processes for levels A, B and C for trainers are defined below.

Assessment Path for IPMA® Level A Certified Executive Trainer

Assessment Path for IPMA® Level B Certified Senior Trainer

Assessment Path for IPMA® Level C Certified Trainer

If you want to connect to the Certification Body in your own country, please find your local Member Association here and you will be redirected to your local IPMA Membership Association and Certifying Body.