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While the core leaders within projects, programmes and portfolios are recognised in the four level certification (4LC) scheme, more professionals work in the field of projects, programmes and portfolios. They deserve recognition and certification for their specialist roles.

Specialists in several directions

Specialists that IPMA currently recognises within a project are: Project Management Officers, dedicated Risk Managers, dedicated planning professionals, dedicated cost professionals etc.

Another specialists group that the IPMA recognises are those professionals that help professionals and organisations improve their (project management related) skills: Coaches, Consultants and Trainers.

A third group IPMA recognises, are specialists of a certain type of project management: agile Project Managers, research Project Managers etc. We are constantly developing, so subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be informed.

Obtaining a specialist certification

IPMA strives to create recognition by offering certification schemes for these specialists. We have created a baseline (International Competence Baseline ICB4CCT) for Coaches, Consultants and Trainers. We are also developing other types of certifications, for example for PMO’s, Agile Leaders etc. These certifications follow IPMA’s widely acclaimed international process, to ensure quality recognition in the market.

Not all specialist certifications are delivered in every country. Please contact your local Certification Body (CB) or Membership Association for  more information. Most of the time, if your country doesn’t support the qualification locally, these can be obtained in other countries. Contact IPMA secretariat here.

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