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Maintain your Level as Professional

People change, people take different career paths. Individual certification only has value when it is accurate and descriptive of the competences the individual currently shows. Therefore, the validity of the IPMA certificates is 5 years.

A professional can improve and increase his competence, by gaining more experience and knowledge in more complex environments. This might be rewarded with a higher certification level. We assume that individuals strive to improve their certification levels.

Some professionals might have maintained their experience level, but have not yet grown enough to be able to apply to the next certification level. For those professionals, we offer the recertification process. The re-certification process takes place after five years to ensure that the certification level is maintained, without having to go through a full assessment. It is a check-up for the professional, and it proves that their professionalism is in line with the requirements of that specific certification level.

For a full description of process and requirements, please refer to the International Certification Regulations (ICR). If you are interested in re-certification, please contact your local Certification Body, which can provide you with all local details.

Requirements for Re-certification

The table below indicates the requirements that a professional should fulfil in order to maintain their certification level. More details can be found in the International Certification Regulations (ICR), which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page. As can be derived from this table, the professional has to spend enough time, at the applicable level, in a responsible role, and has to maintain their professional competence by renewing their knowledge.

Re-certification Process

The flowchart below describes the re-certification process. As indicated, this is a much simpler process than the process to become certified for the first time, since the professional has already achieved certification in a previous period.

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