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Agile Leadership

Recognising competencies in a changing world

Organisations that already have experience working with agile know that it takes more than just sending people to a training course in a certain agile framework. They realise that agile working is easier to understand than it is to do! People are needed who lead the way in a common learning process and who inspire the employees in their organisation to adopt an agile mindset. Leaders that make an impact by bridging the gap between aspiration and reality are true Agile Leaders.

The need for Agile Leaders

Today there is a great need for competent Agile Leaders. Not in a new formal role, but rather in an informal one. Someone can be release train engineer, tribe lead, agile coach, scrum master, product owner, or agile pm, but one is only a true Agile Leader when he or she is already able to inspire others to put the agile mindset into practice.

The Agile Leader is more of a phenomenon than a role. As a responsible decision-maker, how do you know that you are working with a good Agile Leader? How does someone demonstrate good leadership?

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IPMA Competence Approach
Agile Leadership is not a certificate, but a certification of proven experience and competence! It focuses on the major success factor of becoming agile, competent individuals. This certification distinguishes itself from all other agile certifications because it is independent of the framework, and the IPMA association has no other interest than to professionalise leaders who initiate and implement sustainable change.

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