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2 January 2018 / 8:10

What is Important and New in 2018. Message from the new IPMA President

The Year 2018 is already here and facing the new mandate as IPMA President picking up the torch from my predecessors, especially that of Reinhard Wagner,  I would like to provide you with some important and meaningful information having an impact on what we will do in the forthcoming months and new three  years mandate.

Twenty-one years have passed since I found IPMA through my  National Association AEIPRO-IPMA Spain (1996), specially active in IPMA since 2005, and during that time I had the fortune and honor to perform in practically all the IPMA remits ,  National Delegate,  CVMB Validator, International Assessor, UE Task Force member, E&T board member, LACC Project and Program Manager and during latest 5 years as Vice President  for Education and Training, Young Crew and Membership as well. At this point my thanks go to all those people who trusted and trust me, and also a recognition for those with which I disagree and constructively argue because, thanks to the discussion, alternatives are generated and perspectives and options are enriched. I define myself as an entrepreneur, a practitioner and a devout evangelizer of our profession: the portfolio, program and project management, during 30 years of experience I have been fortunate to enrich myself with many lessons from many peoples in the Five Continents, across  more than 70 Nations Worldwide, many of them in the America’s but not only as well in Europe, Africa and Eastern Asia.

We are evangelizers

The first time I heard the term  “evangelization” applied to marketing (and latter to the people and talent  management as well) was reading Guy Takeo  Kawasaky , especially two of his words: “Selling the Dream (1992- ISBN 0-88730-600-4” and “The Art of the Start (2004- ISBN 1-59184-056-2)”, but undoubtedly one of his best descriptions is the 2015 edition of the Harvard Business Review entitled “The Art of Evangelism” there he says: “If you’re a leader, you should evangelize for your organization and what it has to offer, and you should feel comfortable playing this role both internally—in break rooms, over e-mail, through collaborative platforms—and externally, at industry conferences and via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. In the social age, evangelism is everyone’s job. When you become an effective evangelist, you set an example for others….”.

We must “evangelize” IPMA Worldwide because when all of us become  effective IPMA evangelists, we don’t just promote IPMA, we show that we are  passionate peoples and engaged team members, we can inspire our colleagues (and beyond those), demonstrating our leadership abilities as basic competence for the success . I ask you all in this just started New Year to take a look around yourself , your Teams and MA’s  and probably you’ll see evangelists everywhere,  and once again this is the main pillar of our Global Standards : we should develop the competences that we need to join the club of “IPMA Evangelizers” because that will help us during the next years with a new IPMA approach.

New IPMA approach

Based on IPMA’s Vision and Strategy 2020 review (heading towards 2025) ExBo works in that review that will share after first ExBo meeting for the new mandate that will take place this month of  January from 25th to 27th. This decisions will  lead to a new way of doing, much closer and focusing on the needs of our MAs because they are, you are the only IPMA Heritage, having an impact in the  new IPMA Ecosystem looking for a sustainable and professional future, reinforcing our global networking and mutual cooperation.

New IPMA relationship with our main heritage

As you may notice we have already done our best to get even more closer to MA’s. We want to do much more than this and our plans are to expand our relationship in the near future by assigning KAM’s to our MA’s and regions – addressing much more personal and customized assistance based on coaching and mentoring.

Each MA and Region will be assigned to one of the ExBo member in order to expand our communication and cooperation abilities even more.

After latest IPMA Council of Delegates, we worked hard to develop our potential for the future and establish new paths for collaboration. In this New Year just started  we will be embarking on an ambitious plan to support collaboration through new ways of communication and sales support. This will be an extension of all our initiatives and will help us maximize the opportunities. We hope that you will all contribute to our common success. Now, we want to take a moment to thank you for everything you do ! . Your continued and future dedication and hard work is appreciated and recognized indeed.

I would like to take the occasion to thank all the outgoing VP’s , President and  CoD Chairperson for their invaluable contributions during the latest  three years. Now let’s altogether focus on what needs to be done evangelizing more , with passion and devote dedication helping  all of us and our profession to be successful based on IPMA’s Vision: promoting competence throughout Society to enable a World in which all projects succeed!.

I want to wish you a healthy, inspiring and joyful  New Year 2018 full of challenging and successful projects.


  • Well said. Look forward to the new initiatives in communication, coaching and evangelising the profession and PM’s benefits. Good luck.

  • Yuri Kogan says:

    Thanks Jesus. I think coachining and mentoring is a good way for the IPMA influence. Good luck for these three years and more.

  • I’d love to see a greater profile for IPMA as a platform for greater connection, learning and collaboration between member associations. One minor comment, for Jesus – beware the use of acronyms and jargon. I don’t know what a KAM is and a greater profile means using language that speaks to people beyond IPMA’s traditional followers.

  • Thank you all for your kind comments , really appreciated indeed. To Johathan Norman, yes, you are rigth regarding the use of acronyms, “KAM” means “Key Account Managers”. Once again lets move forward all together

  • Richard E Renshaw says:

    Well done IPMA for a seamless transition of passing the baton from one group of senior staff to the new, I wish all good luck and every future success to all members for a task very well done.

    As a suggestion for a target audience of young professionals across circa 195 countries could you see merit for the encouragement of an awareness campaign across approximately 70 IPMA Member Associations for the following family of international standards. The benefit I hope is a win-win for both next generation young professionals desiring to learn more about a learning legacy of the wisdom of others in the profession of project management and direction from the individual IPMA Member Associations as champions of the initiative. It’s just an idea, hope it appeals.

    ISO 21500:2012 -Guidance on project management
    ISO 21503:2017 -Project, programme and portfolio management — Guidance on programme management
    ISO 21504:2015 – Project, programme and portfolio management — Guidance on portfolio management
    ISO 21505:2017 – Project, programme and portfolio management — Guidance on governance
    ISO/AWI TR 21506 [Under development] -Vocabulary for Project, Programme and Portfolio Management
    ISO/DIS 21508 [Under development] – Earned value management in project and programme management
    ISO/DIS 21511 [Under development] – Work breakdown structures for project and programme management

    I enjoy quotations;
    “We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once.” – Calvin Coolidge

  • Richard E Renshaw says:

    For members attending the IPMA conference 25-27 January please consider having a conversation on the merits of the above suggestion and for those fluent in Spanish. In my opinion, there are exciting times ahead and challenges to be overcome on our road toward normative(prescriptive) international standards for project, programme and portfolio management.

    For those Project Management Specialists from Spanish-speaking countries, interested in the development of the ISO 21500 family standards: projects, programs, and portfolios, projects management, you can find related information on the website of the ISO 21500 Analysis Group in the link

    The Road Map proposal No. 1

    Phase 1 – Opening – Time now to 1Q 2019
    Consultation on new topics by TC258
    Determination of the new topics by TC258
    Update of TC258 Business Plan to align to consensus of Participating Members

    Phase 2 – Middle – 1Q 2022
    Maintenance of existing ISO Informative Standards for PPPM
    Preparation of new topics

    Phase 3 – Ending 1Q 2023
    MSS Project management – Requirements
    MSS Programme management – Requirements
    MSS Portfolio management – Requirements.
    Maintenance of new topics and withdrawal of superseded
    Informative Standards

    MSS means Management Systems Standard

    I enjoy quotations
    “Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.” – Stephen Covey

    Good luck IPMA members and friends for the next three years assignment. Friends helping friends within the family of IPMA does make the world a nicer place to be in. Thank you.

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Jesus Martinez Almela

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Jesus Martinez Almela,  Agricultural and Biosystems Engineer has been active for more than 30 years in the field of Engineering and Project, Program and Portfolio Management. Certified Projects Director (IPMA A) and IPMA DELTA as well. Developer and owner of 5-five invention patents for treatment and valorization of animal wastes in Spain, Italy and the United States. Since 1987 he manage over 500 Projects and Programs in various sectors (environmental protection, agriculture, sustainable food production , industrial manufacturing, renewables energies and rural development as well). Project Director for 6 R+D projects in collaboration with various universities and research centers throughout Spain, Europe, Japan and the United States (1999-2007), the research  projects focus on the optimization of animal and organic  wastes technologies for stage separation, the development of new NDN systems, anaerobic digestion, and gasification of animal by-products. In 2009 founded Bioagroprojects Biotech Programs & Portfolio Management. Across Bioagroprojects he directs programs and projects worldwide in various sectors in multicultural and complex environments, for engineering and consultancy services as coaching for the professional competence development. Under the  IPMA LACC Program  (2007-2017)  has obtained the establishment of 15 IPMA MA’s and his CB’s in Latin America countries (Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia) and actually promoting other 5 IPMA MA’s  project in Paraguay, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Cuba as well. As VP Membership contributes in the creation of IPMA MA’s from Algeria, Morocco and Kenya. Chairman of the Spanish Certification Body of AEIPRO-IPMA Spain. Lecturer and international speaker in several Universities and Institutions Worldwide. He has been rewarded since the year 1999 with 6-six international prizes in his areas of professional expertise in different countries worldwide. IPMA CVMB validator, international assessor, UE Task Force Member, LACC Program Manager and E&T board member from 2005 to 2012. Vice President for Education, Training & Young Crew during 2013-2014 and reelected for the same position including VP Membership  2015-2017. Elect IPMA President in September 2017 for 2018-2020 mandate.