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26 September 2016 / 6:55

Global Young Crew Workshop 2016 – Sustainable and Creative Projects for Our Future

Flying home from the biggest IPMA Young Crew event – Global Young Crew Workshop 2016 (GYCW) – not only had a long transfer time in Brussels airport but also the possibility to reflect the ideas and knowledge gained in the event.

I have participated in this event for the second time. And surely I can admit, it has given a nice layer of thoughts. Thoughts and ideas to take away back home and implement them immediately in my projects.

The theme of the Global Young Crew Workshop this year – Time to Discover – made me curious at the beginning. So – what would I discover? Is there something new around? Today I can say, that even if you seem to be up to date with all the latest trends around, there is still room for something new and unexpected.

And as the matter of fact I discovered something exciting. Something that I will definitely include in my next projects. The discoveries I picked up – adding a layer of sustainability in our projects, splashing in some creativity and way of providing and getting some coaching in the project team.


Sustainable Projects – Call for Action. Today!

The keynote speech about sustainability issues in our projects by Joel Carboni was not something new. I have seen and met Joel in couple events before GYCW. But somehow this was the breaking point for me. In a positive way.

The main messages for young project managers are:

  1. Include sustainability-related KPIs in your projects;
  2. Do not take on projects that are not supported by project owners or sponsors with sustainability in mind;
  3. Reward your team if sustainability KPIs have been met

As the project management is involved creating about 30% of the global GDP, project managers actually have a strong power in their hands. Power to make the actual change towards a more sustainable world and businesses.

Sustainability and green thinking is not anymore something for the personal level. We all know to switch off lights and spend less paper – because it has a direct effect on our wallets and everyday life. We have to switch off lights and use fewer resources in our organizations – and reward ourselves as well for doing so. With more bonuses or praise. This, of course, is an overly simplified explanation, but hopefully, you get the idea.

Next time I am taking on a project, not only I will count the tickets sold or partners acquired, but also keep my eye on the amount of paper used to manage my project. Do you have any ideas what sustainability-related KPIs would fit an events project? Still looking for them.


Add Some Creativity to Your Projects

And now explain what is creativity in project management? – was the question that confused me a lot in one of the workshops on the second day! Confused but made me think really hard to come up with an answer. Although I realized at the end I have been adding some creative elements in my projects a well, it was not on a regular basis. It was not even a conscious decision to do so.

After playing with some LEGOs in Paulo Alves workshop Time to Discover how to think with your hands – I started to think more about this topic. I regard myself as a creative person. But I realized that creativity usually gets involved in delivering the end product of my projects. But not in the process of managing the project.

Try some new approaches in doing your teamwork. Get out of your comfort zone. Draw. Play. Jump. Dance. You might come up with either a better-motivated team or a more creative solution at the end. Project management should not be a technical process. It can be a creative experience and fun as well.


Share Your Goals and Get Supported

The other workshop I enjoyed during Global Young Crew Workshop was about coaching. Daniel Collado Ruiz and Hajnalka Collado shared their method of helping others to get answers with their Nurtup game. And I learned a wonderful and easy to use card game. The game that helps to understand your goals and reasons for your actions by digging deep in our own thoughts.

The biggest takeaway – do not be afraid of sharing your thoughts, concerns, and dreams in your projects. Even on the personal level. In fact by better understanding each other, we can help ourselves to get to new heights, achieve bigger goals and get supported by our fellow team members.

Remember – silence is not an option. But meaningful and guided communication is. Nurtup helped to ask the right questions to fetch the answers you could not event think about. In fact, I have already added this to my collection of tools to better manage teams in my projects.


Global Young Crew Workshop – Worth the Investment

If you are thinking does it make sense to invest your time and resources in attending the Global Young Crew Workshop, then my answer is a definite YES. IPMA YC Portugal has done an outstanding effort assembling  the program with actionable keynotes and workshops. I can only give my appreciation for the job well done.

I am already looking forward to the next GYCW in Kazakhstan. With all the high expectations of the excellent program and organization of the event.

Here is view of the event from the eyes of IPMA Young Crew Latvia.


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  • Great one Gundars, inclusion on what you have said was the unending network opportunities from over 4 continents and 15 countries… The opportunities derived in the Portugal GYCW worths more than the investment. Khazastan would be great.

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