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22 August 2017 / 7:07

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to participate in exciting business game “Sea Wolf – Competent PM”!

During the 30-th IPMA World Congress in Astana, all participants are invited to experience a brand new business game “Sea Wolf – Competent PM”.

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are – this game will give you the ability to gain new knowledge not just from a book but from your international team mates, cooperation and discussion. Prepare for an odyssey in a project management ocean!

Game is based on IPMA Individual Competence Baseline version 4 standard (ICB4) and will develop the confidence and competence of the players whilst giving a period of time for thoughtful reflection and identification of self training needs.

Players will analyse different practical situations that arise during real projects and will attempt to recognize competencies necessary to deal with these situations. With each turn you will get a deeper understanding of the content of the competences and ideas on being more successful in real life project activities. You will have to complete projects in a very limited time, so use it wisely!

We get a chance to interview the author of the business game Mr. Vladimirs Ivanovs.

Hello, Vladimirs! It is a great to have you here. We want to ask you several questions. As a leadership of game panel of the 30th IPMA Congress, can you briefly illustrate the structure of the business game that you and your colleagues have put together?
Hello, thank you very much. It is great to be in Kazakhstan and feel your hospitality.

First of all the Game is based on IPMA Individual Competence Baseline version 4 standard (ICB4) and will make you familiar with the competences. In small teams, you will be competing in a regatta of projects. The best sailors will be awarded!

You will analyze practical situations from the real projects and will learn recognizing competencies necessary to deal with these situations. Iteratively you will get a deeper understanding of the competences while discussing these situations with your team.

Do you believe that such business games involving project management are particularly interesting or have special features?
Yes. Moreover, when I do a training on Project Management, Agile, Scrum, Lean or Kanban – I always use interactive and inspiring business games. Learning-by-doing is a new standard in education.

What are some of the tools and resources you are planning to use to conduct a successful business game?
Visualization and associative thinking will help with memorizing competences! Attractive visual map of the ICB4 competences have been developed and will be available not only on the tables, but also through the iOS and Android applications. Check www.competent.pm for the news.
IPMA ICB4 and all 28 competences will be more familiar to every participant after this game.

What is your expectation from the 30th IPMA Congress?
This Congress is very special for me, as I am bringing an international premiere of a completely new board game for the Project Management community. I hope to prove my strong personal belief – serious business learning can be exciting, easy and fun.

In your opinion, what will make the 30th IPMA World Congress different from the previous congresses?
This time we have added more interactivity and entertainment – on the 2nd day everyone will be playing this game, which is designed and adapted especially for this Congress.

It will bring more interaction and fun for everyone!

How do you think is this kind of Congresses are important platform not for only PM professionals but for others participants as well?
Congress is a great platform for socialization and networking. Some events like this business game are designed to boost networking. Use any chance to talk to other participants and to gain new knowledge not just from presentations but also from asking questions to your international colleagues, tight cooperation during the game panel and various discussions in the coffee breaks. Enjoy the most attractive way of learning!

We know that you have been in Astana before. Could you give attendees some tips on making the most of their time in the host city?

Make sure you try local food! My favourite is Beshbarmak, a dish consisting of boiled horse or mutton meat, which is also called “five fingers” because of the way it is eaten.
Another tip – book an extra day for EXPO 2017 and have some business cards with you.

The program of the 30th IPMA Congress is very rich and will for sure attract many to take part. Which panel session you don’t want to miss and why?
Of Course, the game panel! 🙂 COME ON TIME! The Regatta starts sharp at 11:30 and will keep you involved until lunch. Enjoy this time and teamwork!

What is your message to your colleagues to encourage them to participate in 30th IPMA Congress?
Don’t miss the opportunity for networking and socialization with like-minded professionals from 70 countries. Looking forward to meet you at the 30-th IPMA World Congress!

Thank you very much for your time and interview! See you at the business game!





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